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  1. I am on day 21 of my WHOLE30. I have managed well through travel and eating out and have not had much trouble until last week. Six days ago I started my period and it has been very heavy. I have been exhausted and have napped on many afternoons schedule permitting. Most nights I can't keep my eyes open past 10:30 (which is early for me)! I am also noticing that my hunger spikes have become more intense and feel like I'm suffering from low blood sugar. Though I never experienced a tiger blood phase I was previously feeling pretty even keel and my appetite was under control with very little desire/need to snack. I thought perhaps I was drinking too much coffee so decreased the last 2 days as well, but that made no difference. I drink a fair amount of water and lacroix throughout the day. I have every intention of finishing out the program but am concerned I am doing something wrong bc I certainly don't feel great. Please advise! Here is a rundown of food/meals in past 2 days (btw I am 5 ft and have small hands!): breakfast:two egg scrambled in olive oil with smoked salmon and slice of avocado /coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon lunch: poke bowl with 2 cups lettuces, fresh salmon, masago (fish roe), olive oil and lemon for dressing, 2 raw oysters, cucumber mango salad with lime snack: cashews and coconut flakes dinner: 1/3 roasted sweet potato slices with olive oil, grass fed beef burger with olives, mushrooms and onion sautéed in olive oil, green salad with compliant dressing, a handful watermelon cubes breakfast: 2 poached eggs, plate of spinach sautéed in olive oil, coffee/coconut creamer lunch: 3 cups lettuce greens, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 grilled chicken breast with olive oil and lime dressing snack: apple, tablespoon almond butter, a few coconut flakes dinner: grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, olive oil roasted broccoli, handful of olives