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  1. Susan R

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Nat, you'll drop off the "tools" and "books" - you've got those so that's $150 / month towards food. Also, healthcare costs will be much lower with fewer doc visits, no need for HTN or DM meds, etc. It's a tradeoff. Spend it here, spend it there... I hope you're noticing all the positive benefits. For me, I have less acne, more energy, I sleep well, I've been getting compliments such as "wow you look great!" AND (my fave!) my belly bloat is down so my clothes fit better. Whatever we focus on is what grows. I choose to focus on the positive and watch that grow! Way to go! We're almost there.
  2. Susan R

    Anyone Else Starting Jan 5, 2013?

    Winning is right! We're almost to Day 30 - I lost because I ate bacon with honey in it last week (...sigh!) However, I'm going to just keep going and continue past the 30 days. I'm finding my energy worth the trade off of not having ice cream, chocolate, rice, bread, etc. All that stuff that makes me sluggish! Plus I bought myself some new running shorts yesterday and they look good! Bonus!!
  3. Susan R

    Day 17 - I'm starting to drag...

    I'm glad you posted this! I'm on Day 20 (and it's my birthday!) and I was actually wondering if I ate something unintended --- like if there was more than "Oil and Vinegar" in the salad dressing. I'm glad it's not just me, I've been dragging a little for a few days. I'm getting plenty of fats and plenty of carbs (with sweet potatoes, carrots, etc) but still having a good balance. I'm excited to see how my body adjusts when I get closer to my Day 30! Although I cannot say I'll quit with just 30 days, I'm enjoying my performance and recovery with our eating plan.
  4. Thanks, Renee, I had no idea! Also, I didn't realize dextrose was sugar until yesterday! I thought my sausage was (surprisingly) sugar-free! It's carb and sugar free as far as the grams on the label - I had no idea they could "bend the rules" like that. I think they need the "Whole30 for Truth in Advertising"-- Can you imagine? If companies had to advertise only the truth for 30 days?!?! Ha ha. What a different set of commercials we would have!
  5. Susan R

    How will you reward yourself?

    Massage! I'm on it! Great question for the forum.
  6. Day 10 - Frustrating that I cannot get an answer on "how much sugar is in the Jennie-O Uncured Turkey Bacon?" They just say "brown sugar" and the carbs aren't high so it seems that would be "little". But how much is little? I want measurements, people! I'm trying to see if it's something I'm going to keep in my freezer, or donate. Otherwise, I'm not feeling overly different today- which means I feel relatively good. My skin is more clear, I'm sleeping well and my mood is stable. I LOVE that my mood has leveled out. I'm sure some of it is post-holiday but much of it is dietary. Who knew? What a great way to start fresh!
  7. Susan R

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Show off! Ha ha! I agree with Hawaii, I went there for the first time ever last year for my 48th birthday - I went to Kauai'i and hiked and ran everything off road I could find within 10 days! The food was amazing, I got addicted to the coconuts - real coconuts, not the tiny brown things I ordered through my organic produce service. Hmmm, it looks like I'll have to get working on my dream vacation. Then I'll start saving for it!
  8. Susan R

    Anyone Else Starting Jan 5, 2013?

    Absolutely!! I'm on day 9 and I feel better today than I did even just a few days ago. I'm having BF trouble today and it hit me that I'm so calm compared to how I normally would react to him being such a bastard! I'm (in general) a more calm person but when it comes to emotions, well... sometimes my hormones take over my brain. That didn't happen as bad yesterday and I got a great nights sleep last night. This time last month, I would not have been able to sleep after having a misunderstanding with my sweetheart. The low-down is "yes!!" to greater mental clarity. And calmness!!
  9. Susan R

    Anyone Else Starting Jan 5, 2013?

    Emily, for me, I would just cook what I'm cooking. Your toddler will eat what you fix and his natural instincts will not let him starve. It's going to take a bit to get the processed foods out of your baby's system as well, so he's naturally going to have some struggle! It might help to not try to substitute the grain foods. For instance, "Yay!! Today we're having eggs, bacon, veggies and a little fruit! Wow!" might be a good alternative. Your hubby...well, honestly, I wouldn't make his non-compliance my issue. If he wants to add a dish or two to dinner, that's great, let him come cook with you. (My BF and I cook together very frequently although I don't mind throwing toast in the toaster or rice in the steamer for him.) Our Whole30 food is amazing! What's not to like? Bring on the snake oil! Keep us posted!
  10. Day 9! Yay! It does get a bit easier, thank God! I think I've been eating too many nuts, although they're pretty amazing! Otherwise, I'm doing "pretty good" and finding the label exploring is going a bit better. I looked at primal pacs -- man, I wish everything paleo wasn't so expensive! I'll keep working on it; I love M&D's email today that included the travel guide. I'm almost 1/3 of the way through to my first 30 days!
  11. Tom, I enjoyed looking at your blog with all the recipes! I'm going to try this one for thai chicken and carrots: http://www.wholelife...en-and-carrots/ Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience on this site Lucky me!
  12. Acer! Thanks for the testimony! I have not experienced this crash yet, but thanks to your post, maybe I can avoid it. I do appreciate that the moderator let us know his thoughts on the subject as well. Which chicken soup did you make? Also, what did you use to spice it up and did it work? I'm absolutely loving the recipes we can find through here. I'm trying this one for Sheperds Pie ---sans the "coconut flour" - since processing a coconut into flour takes it way beyond it's natural state: http://www.eatboutiq...e/#.UOt8RW_hqrh Also, this chicken curry and cauliflour rice look great: http://www.fitsofhea...ed-cauliflower/ I just finished making the Morocan Meatballs, using hamburger instead of lamb. They smell amazing! I'm letting them cool. This is the recipe we got in our "Day 3" Whole30 Daily Emails. http://www.theclothe...ccan-meatballs/ Thanks again for sharing your story, the forum support is invaluable! ~ Susan
  13. Susan R

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    I followed your link, the sheperd pie sounds amazing! I'll have to give it a try - sans the "coconut flour", I don't think I'll buy any "flours" - I think they're too processed to be Whole30. (That's just my understanding.) AND I think it will turn out fine without any flour I'll have to check out your soup link, too. Thanks for the update! The forum support is invaluable.
  14. Thanks, Bethie! I don't know about you, but I'm just going to learn and move on. I found some sugar free, preservative free sausage so I'll use that until I can find some good bacon (I think M&D have posted about bacon before)! Thanks for the support, it's so helpful. ~Susan
  15. Susan R

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    Hey Travis! You've probably already conquered this but just in case you haven't, here's my "two cents". Something I learned years ago was that exercise stimulates our digestive tract. A short daily bike ride, walk or run will help. I know it's harder to get out in the winter, but I joined a running group (found them on Facebook, just like I found Melissa and Dallas), bought some yoga at a studio thought LIving Social (even though I CAN do yoga at home - it's fun to do it with others) and restarted my CrossFit (that's tough for me to do by myself). I don't do all of these things daily (a girl has to go to work, you know?) but having these options helps tremendously. I like the variety of physical activity.