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About Me

My name is Shelby! 
I'm 25, hourglass figure (big booty) and 5'6".

After seeing my dad on the whole30 for 4 months and kicking booty (-40lbs down!!!) I decided it was time for me to do the same.
My entire life has been a struggle pertaining to weight loss but I think the whole30 maybe the secret to conquering my food demons.
I've done the whole30 once and went down a pants size! (7/2017-8/2017)
I don't plan on stopping, I'm going to continue!

I don't own a scale since I've been relocating around the USA for work but I do know that the last time I stepped on the scale back in Feb 2017 I was at my highest weight 217lbs standing at 5'6".
The pounds don't matter at this point to me, only how I feel and I feel amazing!
I'll announce the lbs lost when I move 9/16/17.