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  1. Alcohol on Reintroduction

    Sooooo no advice about reintroducing alcohol??
  2. TMI: Constipation

    Ok. I will cut back on the nuts and nutmilk (even though I love almond milk) and I will be sure to up my water intake. Thanks!
  3. TMI: Constipation

    I eat an avacodo most every day. I cook with lots of fats, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, animal fats. I have about 1/2 handful of cashews per day. I've been using a dressing I made with coconut milk. I drink some almond milk, maybe 1/2 cup per day. I also put a tablespoon of gelatin in my coffee everyday, although not sure if that counts as a fat or a protein.
  4. TMI: Constipation

    I haven't been tracking exactly how much water I've been drinking. I'll start paying more attention but I've definitely been drinking more than I usually do. No supplements, and as far as activity, I've been more active than usual, and much more active than the beginning of the program when I was exhausted all the time. I've been biking every other day for the last week and I'm a waitress so I walk a lot at work.
  5. TMI: Constipation

    I'm on day 17. One of the food issues that led me to the program is that I've always struggled with bm irregularity with frequent constipation and bloating as one of my main concerns. I've been very regular for the first half but in the last 3 days I've been constipated and I have no idea why. I know that hormonal changes can cause some constipation right after your period but even that was fine. Now I'm about in the middle of my cycle and, nothing. I've been eating different variations of the same things, compliant meats, lots of veggies, some nuts, a little bit of fruit. I've seen plenty of positive changes, waist looks smaller, skin is clearer, better energy, but I know that it's healthy to poop everyday and I'm not sure why it isn't happening.
  6. Alcohol on Reintroduction

    So I was just reading through the reintro schedule and I am determined to follow it this time around. This is my second whole30 and I am about half way through (day 14, woot woot!). I did the first one a few years ago and it was amazing, but I totally messed up my system by eating all of the bad things immediately after it was over. This time, I am trying to make it right by reseting my system and paying close attention to the foods that hurt afterward. So anyway, I made plans to go on vacation with some friends about a week into my reintroduction. I am curious about alcohol because I'm going to be with drinkers and I really want to participate. I know I can make "good" alcohol choices like going for clear spirits over heavy beers and sticking to gluten free vodkas, but alcohol is still alcohol. I'm just wondering if anyone has successfully reintroduced booze without misery and if so, when and how did you do it? There isn't anything in the reintroduction about alcohol so I figured I should try here. Thanks!
  7. Black beans as first reintro food - help! Tmi

    I don't think I would be concerned unless there were other symptoms present. Cramping, discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, pain, etc. It is pretty normal for your poo to change along with your diet. I am definitely no expert but for me, the food sensitivity issues I am looking to uncover are the ones that are uncomfortable and difficult to live with. If it weirds you out, maybe only have beans every once in a while but I wouldn't be worried about saying goodbye forever.