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    I used to suffer from chronic yeast infections and that is actually what brought me to the Whole30 the first time i did it. I'm on my 3rd one in about 5 years (I like to restart every once in a while but normally try to eat whole foods in between too) and I no longer suffer from yeast infections. 
    I'm not trying to advise you one way or the other as far as taking fluconazole but I want to share my story with you because it may be similar to yours. 
    I also had the recurring infections and the prescription to go along with it. I took a pill about once a month when my infection would flare up and it would usually take care of it for the most part but not permanently since it would always come back within a few weeks to a month. I had other symptoms too, frequent constipation, constant bloating, cramping. I starting doing some research into underlying causes and I also saw a naturopathic doctor which totally changed my life.
    Basically, the way fluconazole works is by killing all of the bacteria in your body, including candida (yeast). The problem with this is that your gut no longer has any healthy bacteria to fight off future candida and the vicious cycle repeats itself nonstop. Sugars, yeasty foods, and simple carbs then enter your body when you eat and feed the candida further which causes another infection. You have almost no control over this if your body doesn't have enough good bacteria in it. 
    My doctor ordered bloodwork and found that I was actually nutrient deficient across the board because my body wasn't absorbing the nutrients in my food because it wasn't even able to break down my food without the bacteria I needed. Then, undigested bits of food were getting through my system and into my gut where the candida fed on it and went wild. Basically, I had a whole-system candida infection for YEARS of my life and the way it was manifesting was via yeast infections, constipation, and bloating. 
    What I discovered, is that a really good probiotic and a change of diet can fix all of that without ever having to take the pill again. Now, I would never ever take fluconazole again in my life because I know that it would cause that whole chain of events to happen again. I take a super good probiotic every day and if I feel I'm about to get a yeast infection I take 2 or 3. You can also put probiotics directly into your vagina if you feel like you're going to get one. You do have to make sure that you get a good quality probiotic though, and if its not refrigerated, don't take it. So yes, I do still get them very rarely but when I do, its always because my diet has completely off-railed and I've been living on pasta and beer for weeks straight (sometimes I just lose control, what can I say). 
    Now this might not be enough at first, my naturopath had me taking a digestive enzyme with meals to help my body break down the foods so that I could absorb nutrients and stop feeding the bad guys and I took that for about a year with all food. Now I still take those when I'm going to eat something really unhealthy like pasta or a bowl of ice cream but I don't need them at every meal, and I certainly don't need them during my Whole30. 
    So anyways, I guess I am kind of telling you not to take the pill but I'm not a doctor or anything so you should take that with a grain of salt. This is just my experience and I do believe that taking fluconazole will make it worse instead of better, but you should make an informed decision on your own. I would definitely however, recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor instead of a regular one. 
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    I think I finally got tiger blood on Sunday! I felt great all day and it carried over into Monday. This morning I woke up more tired and I've had a slight headache and queasiness all day. I'm definitely excited for this to be over, but I also intend to carry over a lot of it, especially the mindfulness. I'm a snacker, I've always been a snacker, but I haven't been needing snacks for most of this program. I've been eating enough filling and nutritional food that I don't get hungry two hours later. That's a huge step! Sugar is definitely something I'll have to be careful about reintroducing. The term "sugar dragon" couldn't be more accurate to describe my personal sugar habit. I did fine staying away from fried foods, soy, even dairy, but I struggled with sugar. I've considered switching to xylitol in the past just to tame it, but I'm glad I didn't get hooked on an artificial sweetener either. Whole30 did so much more than divert the craving.
    In terms of NSVs, I have some seriously loose work pants I'm going to have to do something about. Health and bloating victory, yes, wallet victory, maybe not! I've also gone from being a 5-year vegetarian to being able to tolerate all kinds of meats. I don't think I quite ate the W30 recommended amount with each meal, but just eating animal proteins at all was a big struggle. 
    I'm so proud of all of us for getting this far! With only one day left, I know we'll all make it!
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    I am happy to say that I've made it this far! I never experienced true tigers blood but thats okay. I had a set back this week due to a medical procedure that is usually very routine and minimally invasive but was far worse for me this time. I have been basically glued to my couch and alternating between some pretty serious pain and discomfort for most of this week. I have to wonder if the diet had an impact on the way my body reacted but I managed to stay compliant through it! Feeling much better now and ready to start very slowly reintroducing foods in only a few days!
    If anything, this gives me another reason to stick with Whole30 for a longer time, to allow my body the time it needs to even out my hormone levels and recover. Today I signed up for an obstacle race in June so I also have the motivation to start working out soon! 
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    @JudiPurple I have since switched to flaxseed oil but will use anything I have on hand in the future (other than crisco) 
    Side note, crisco also has a bunch of palm oil which is incredibly horrible for the environment so I will be boycotting that from now on!
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    Heathermarie74 reacted to NZ Robin in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hello all,  I’ve haven’t checked in for a while, but am progressing right along.  My energy is good until right after lunch and the I really, really need a nap. 20 minutes later and I’m off and running. Anyone else experiencing odd energy ups and downs?
    I last wrote about my exasperated hot flushes  I am pleased to say that these have abated!
    Also, I started Whole30’s in hoping to alleviate my achy joints. It started quite suddenly about 1 and a half years ago. My doctor tested for inflammatory markers and found none. So unexplained pain. My only relief came from last summer’s 18 day passage sailing from Osaka, Japan to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  No alcohol, constant movement, a very small appetite and lots of stress. My break from joint pain lasted about a month (full of unhealthy eating and drinking). Now almost four weeks into Whole30’s and only a slight decrease in joint pain. Kind of bummed, but I plan to continue well beyond 30 days. 
    I am also interested in following those of you who are planning a slow re-introduction of foods. 
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    @NZ Robin you can find our slow intro discussion here https://forum.whole30.com/topic/56138-super-slow-reintro/?tab=comments#comment-501765 
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    @zesty_ruffles Yea that's what I was thinking - one item reintroduced per week and then mostly w30 on the other days. But I have a feeling it will unfold a bit more organically, with me eating the things as they present themselves instead of having it so strictly regimented. The calendar is just a guideline to help me keep it under control. Basically, this is a way for me to stretch out my whole30 while I slowly explore my reintroduction so that I can continue to reap the health benefits of eating clean and hopefully not lose control and resort to eating pasta 3-4 times per week again 
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    Heathermarie74 reacted to zesty_ruffles in Super Slow Reintro   
    Thanks for sharing. Sorry for the delay as I have been travelling. 
    I like how you've broken it down, on my side since I have a strong feeling gluten/dairy affect me, I would rather start with the legumes as recommended by the Whole30 re-intro but maybe breaking it down further:
    Beans: peas, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils  "Prepared" Soy beans: tofu, tempeh Peanuts - im not sure I need to split this, but why not - i like peanuts and peanut butter NON GLUTEN GRAINS
    Rice: has to be number for me, I live in Asia and I need to be able to re-intro rice pretty fast Quinoa: is my next go-to grain as I have a Peruvian partner and it's easy enough to get  Corn: I don't see how corn as a vegetable (steamed, on the cobb) could be bad but worth checking, then following with cornflower/cornstarch/maize products DAIRY
    Cheese: this is key for me, i also understand it's processed differently so i would start with fresh "natural" cheese - not processed or what I call 'plastic cheese' Yoghurt: same, simple plain yoghurt with probiotics, no sugar Milk: i'm pretty much off milk almost totally, but I'm curious to see how I will react to a glass of fresh milk GLUTEN
    Wheat: Bread, whole wheat pasta (no cakes or baked good at this stage coz of the sugar) Barley: I want to try it separately from wheat just coz... Beer: I'm starting the 'mildest' alcohol here as it falls under gluten and hopefully by then I've figured out if gluten is an issue - if it is, I won't bother introducing beer ALCOHOL
    White Wine: celebrate with bubbles ;-)  Red Wine Spirits: gin & rum are what I drink more of in terms of spirits, and i can try it neat/ice/soda  @Heathermarie74 I see you're also planning a week between re-introductions. Do you plan to eat these items one day then 6 days back on Whole30?
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    Heathermarie74 reacted to Jihanna in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Happy closing of day 17
    I finally got my tiger blood today, but it honestly freaked me out a little. I'm bipolar, so I'm constantly watchful of my moods and on the lookout especially for anything indicative of slipping into a manic episode. Let me tell ya, tiger blood (for me) feels a heck of a lot like the best parts of mania -- my brain was multi-tasking (which was jumpy, but coherent), I had energy to do everything I had to get done (and it was a really busy day for me), I felt "light" (not anxious, not weighted, etc.), and so on. The downside here was that I kept looking for that other shoe to drop, so all day I kept questioning and almost fearing the feeling, because it really felt so much like the start of an episode. The upside is that it did finally click in my head that it's actually a good thing, and that I wasn't experiencing ANY of the negative bits that typically accompany the feelings I did have, which is pretty indicative that it wasn't what I feared. I'm hoping tomorrow I can clue in a little faster so I can actually enjoy what's happening without worrying so much that it would turn sour.
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    Heathermarie74 reacted to Jihanna in Super Slow Reintro   
    For me, there are a few things I know are out... alcohol and dairy. I'm 4 years sober, so won't be bringing that back into the picture! I was diagnosed allergic to dairy as a kid, and that seems to still be the case now based on what I've experienced when I do eat it (there could be some that are "safer", but I wouldn't know and honestly don't mind not finding out).
    What I've got set up so far (and might be changed up as I go, we'll see) is a 30 day reintroduction that will almost certainly be followed by a transition to something somewhat Paleo (with a bit of flex into things the reintroduction analysis shows are safe for me).
    The things I'd really like to know about are small bits of sugar during the day, soy, rice, oats, ghee, and barley.

    First, following the slow roll suggestions, I'll ease up on the sugar restriction. I know most of my sugar demons pretty well, so won't go back to buying sodas or putting sugar in my coffee (but might finally put a little honey in my tea, again, and will start using my Yogi teas that have stevia leaf in them). (That'll be day 1, so Jan 31st)
    Second is legumes, which I plan to split up into 4 separate trials -- soy, peanut, peas, and beans/lentils. Soy I intend to severely limit, but one of the butter alternatives we use has soy in it, so I need to know if that will cause problems for me. Peanuts I can live without, but I'd like to know if they're an issue because I do sometimes like dipping apples in peanut butter. The peas and beans I can also live without, but would also just like to know in case there's a dish that does use them. So that's Feb 4th, 7th, 10th, and 13th. There's no particular order on those, but it will come down to what I do with my meal plan.
    Third is the non-gluten grains, and I've chosen to split that as well. I'll be testing rice, oats, and then other grains in general (I may even skip that last bit since I rarely eat other grains, but it's always possible that I'll eat some quinoa or something). That'll be Feb 16th, 19th, and 22nd. Again, there's no particular order, it'll just depend on what I plan for when once I'm setting up the meal plan for that week.
    Fourth is dairy, and while I don't intend to reintroduce dairy in general, I do want to see if ghee will work for me. I've been scared to try it while doing the Whole30, because I don't want to chance actually getting an allergic reaction (nothing life-threatening, but I'm enjoying not having skin rashes right now!). So ghee will be on Feb 25th. The rest of dairy can stay gone. My 9yo is milk protein intolerant and another member of the household also stays away from dairy milk, so we always have dairy alternatives in the house.
    Fifth, and last, is gluten. I'm going to test just barley separately from wheat, because I love a good beef and barley soup so would like to see if that's an option or if I need to avoid it outright. Wheat I can leave out also, but do want to test so I know how my body reacts. These will be on Feb 27th and Mar 2nd, in whatever order.
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    Heathermarie74 reacted to Jihanna in Who's starting 1/1?   
    @zesty_ruffles I've been considering doing a slower reintroduction myself, but haven't actually sat down to figure out how that might look. What I have done is read the Dear Melissa answer regarding slowing down that phase of things -- https://whole30.com/2014/09/dear-melissa-slow-reintroduction-roll/
    My reintro will look a little different anyway because I have some known sensitivities that I'll be navigating around. For instance, I'm allergic to dairy and I've heard that ghee often doesn't trigger allergies but I don't want to chance that during my Whole30, so my "dairy" reintro will include only ghee (that way I'll know if it's safe for me to use). I'm also wanting to use the slower pace to split groups up so I can individually test certain things I'm more interested in keeping than the "group as a whole" -- like oats, quinoa, corn, and green peas.
    There is definitely private messaging available. Just click the name of the person you want to message, and it'll take you to their profile page where there's an option to send a message to them  
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    Thanks @megbeveridge and @Heathermarie74 feeling better already!
    @Heathermarie74 I’m def keen to discuss  a slow re-intro process and bounce ideas! I want to get to the bottom of my forever stomach aches, cramps, constipation etc etc so i want to do a slower and more broken down re-intro (include alcohol reintroduction, especially wine as think I may be intolerant to sulphites)! 
    How can we do that? Haha unless everyone wants to read our discussion, is there private messaging available on the forum? 
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    @zesty_ruffles I am really sorry to hear this. I did something similar actually, we use cast iron pans for almost all of our cooking and I realized just yesterday that I've been seasoning them with crisco which is soybean oil  There is nothing we can do about it now and its not worth ditching the entire program over something like this. All we can do is keep going and be more vigilant going forward. I think its a good idea to add some time, maybe a week, before you reintro. It won't be as hard as it sounds because you're adding it at the end, after you've had all of this practice and your body has gotten more used to eating whole foods. I am actually planning to reintro super slow this time around so I may end up quasi-whole30 for a few months. Reach out anytime if you want a reintro buddy!
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    Heathermarie74 reacted to kirbz in CBD   
    @RubyWizard24 Have you perhaps considered a brand like Charlotte's Web? It has less junk in it. In fact, only olive oil! So, if you need it, perhaps consider a more compliant option. Here's an option: https://thrivemarket.com/p/charlottes-web-hemp-extract-oil-olive-oil. 
    Best of luck! 
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    Brain fog for me is typically due to candida die-off. If your diet change has been really drastic this may just be your gut bacteria weening off the sugars its used to. 
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    I have suffered from chronic yeast infections for over a year and was prescribed flucanazole medicine to take as needed when I experience flare ups. I’m on day 7 of whole 30 and definitely think I have an infection (Burning, discharge, etc). Is it okay to take that medicine?