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    @zesty_ruffles I am really sorry to hear this. I did something similar actually, we use cast iron pans for almost all of our cooking and I realized just yesterday that I've been seasoning them with crisco which is soybean oil  There is nothing we can do about it now and its not worth ditching the entire program over something like this. All we can do is keep going and be more vigilant going forward. I think its a good idea to add some time, maybe a week, before you reintro. It won't be as hard as it sounds because you're adding it at the end, after you've had all of this practice and your body has gotten more used to eating whole foods. I am actually planning to reintro super slow this time around so I may end up quasi-whole30 for a few months. Reach out anytime if you want a reintro buddy!
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    @RubyWizard24 Have you perhaps considered a brand like Charlotte's Web? It has less junk in it. In fact, only olive oil! So, if you need it, perhaps consider a more compliant option. Here's an option: https://thrivemarket.com/p/charlottes-web-hemp-extract-oil-olive-oil. 
    Best of luck! 
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    Brain fog for me is typically due to candida die-off. If your diet change has been really drastic this may just be your gut bacteria weening off the sugars its used to. 
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    I have suffered from chronic yeast infections for over a year and was prescribed flucanazole medicine to take as needed when I experience flare ups. I’m on day 7 of whole 30 and definitely think I have an infection (Burning, discharge, etc). Is it okay to take that medicine? 
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    Ok. I will cut back on the nuts and nutmilk (even though I love almond milk) and I will be sure to up my water intake. Thanks!