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  1. howellerj

    Day 9 and feeling groggy!

    Thanks, SugarcubeOD! I was, mistakenly, counting my starchy carb as my vegetable! I just had a big green salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado and turkey, and will have chicken with Brussels sprouts tonight. Hopefully, I'll begin to start feeling more pep in my step, soon!
  2. howellerj

    Day 9 and feeling groggy!

    I'm following the meal/plate template, with a palm or two of protein, lots of veggies and a fat (two thumbs usually). Yesterday I had more potatoes than usual, though. My meals yesterday were: Breakfast: Leftover Asian lettuce wrap filling (ground turkey/coconut aminos/spices, etc) with some mashed sweet potato with ghee and black coffee w/coconut milk Lunch: Leftover sausage, potato & kale soup with a banana Dinner: two scrambled eggs with onion, bell pepper, spinach and half an avocado Other than my coffee, I had 2 16 oz containers of tea, and a glass of water. I have been salting my food, but with sea salt. Wondering if I should be using regular table salt, which has more iodine.
  3. howellerj

    Day 9 and feeling groggy!

    Hi All, I really didn't have many side effects on my last Whole30, except a little tiredness at the very beginning and feeling unusually cold. This time around, it has been pretty classic, according to what the book says may happen on the different days. Except, it mentioned on day nine that, although we may be feeling bloated, we also may be peppy, which I am definitely not! My body feels weak. Is anyone else experiencing this on day 9. Any insights on why I may not be feeling peppy yet?
  4. howellerj

    Hello and Start Date January 11

    Hi Pearlgirl! I actually started on the 9th, but then realized that the egg muffins I was having for breakfast, had a little cheese and bacon (with sugar) in them, so I re-started, counting the 11th as day 1. Yesterday and today, I've been bloated and a little weak, which is more in line with days 8-9. I did the whole30 last year and I don't remember many, if any symptoms except some initial tiredness and being cold! Now, if I make my started date the 9th, I seem to be following the book's descriptions of what may happen perfectly! Yes, I'm looking forward to depuffing too!
  5. Hi, my name is Julie, and this is my 2nd Whole30. I loved the way I felt last time and the fact that I truly did experience food freedom, with no cravings! After the holidays, it is time to, once again, push the re-set button! I'm ending day 4, and after the initial headachy-ness and hunger, I'm feeling better.