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  1. Unity kombucha

    It is not beer any more than ginger beer is beer. They use the term beer in this case to let people know It is not your typical kombucha. It is a high alcohol kombucha. But I understand why its is not allowed
  2. Unity kombucha

    Ok. Geeze. Just wanted a reason. And its fine that the answer is no but it is not beer. Beer requires malt, hops yeast and water.
  3. Unity kombucha

    If you read the kombucha do's and dont's though it technically is ok. As long as the alcohol is a byproduct and no sugar is added it is ok. The unity kombucha is made just like other kombucha only using organic tea and fruit juices.
  4. Unity kombucha

    Can I have unity kombucha beer. It is made like normal kombucha but fermented to 8% alcohol but the alcohol is the byproduct of fermentation and there is no added sugar.