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  1. I got sick on day 26-30 with a sore throat and congestion. I know healthy people get sick but this has happened to me before while on "diets." My personal opinion is that we are not aware of how our body is feeling and use chemicals to keep going. I used caffeine and sugar to keep my energy at a ridiculously high level in order to DO everything I needed and wanted to do until I dropped. Then when I got sick, I blamed it on being so stressed out and busy. I'm probably one of the few who can say they had less energy while on whole 30 because my usual energy levels were toxic. So on the day I got sick I was in a manic, toxic state trying to do too much and I didn't have the chemicals supporting it. I couldn't maintain that level of energy so this time I stopped and went home. It only took one day for my throat to heal but I still drank hot tea, took, zinc, stayed on whole 30 and RESTED.
  2. Reintroducing Legumes

    I just started my reintroduction as well. I had the apple with natural, organic peanut butter along with eggs. No problem. BUT then I tried black beans and pinto beans later in the day and I have been having gas, cramps, constant small bowel movements and swollen hemorrhoids for the last 3 days!! I made the whole30 chili and added the beans so I really had less than a half cup. I wonder if peanut butter will continue to be okay or if I should switch to some other nut butter.
  3. Heartburn and Whole 30

    I take the same medicine for my heartburn caused by my hiatal hernia. I stopped maybe a week into the program. Then I made one of the recipes from the book....beef brisket. It was sooo good that I had it for breakfast. After breakfast I immediately got horrible heartburn that lasted all day. I didn't eat until the next day. I've concluded that any fatty meat or acidic liquid like bone broth or coffee cannot be ingested on an empty stomach. But I would definitely take omperzole if you experience heartburn but really identify what you just ate. Even compliant foods can trigger heartburn if you are sensitive to them or your esophagus is inflamed. I stopped the omperzole after a couple of days and haven't had heartburn since. And heck no don't give up potatoes unless you know they caused it!
  4. Day 10 and I'm Stressing Out!

    Yeah, the cooking is overwhelming, but I love the end result...good food. The problem is it takes me like 1 1/2 hours to prep and cook. I know...prep ahead but even thoughI have a weekly menu I change which meal I want to eat at the last minute! I guess I have to get used to cooking again. I get the cramping in my feet too...I started taking potassium pills which helped but it has stopped since I started whole30...I'm finishing up day 19. Tonite I made two of the recipes from the whole30 book...porkchop with applesauce and mashed cauliflower. I decided the cauliflower (not my favorite veggie) had the consistency of grits so I'm gonna have it tomorrow for breakfast with a couple of fried eggs on top. I hope you get this because I'm not really sure how this blogging or "foruming" works. Last week I filled out an online application for a volunteer job and it ended up in Middlesex, England and I live in Kansas City!
  5. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hi. I am new and 64 years old. I am on Day 8. I am retired so I have made every meal from the recipes in Whole30 and the Whole30 cookbook. Every recipe has been great. I read the book twice and prepared my kitchen and myself 3 weeks in advance. I really miss my 32 oz sugar- laddened McDonalds Coke. I really didn't feel any cravings but had lots of digestive pain, headaches, and muscle/joint pain. But suddenly late last night I ate a carton of strawberries! Those sugar cravings are sneaky...I was not even aware of it! I cleared my calendar for 30 days where I only do things that will benefit my health like go to the grocery store.....swim laps....medical appts. I talk to people on the phone, I"m not THAT crazy. I know this is a cleanse and not a diet but I also know the hold sugar, simple carbs, and soda has over me. Also Amazon said those Rxbars were whole 30 compliant but after I got them and read the ingredients, I put them on a high shelf. Sticking to the more Amazon.