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    Compliant Chicken Broth

    I use Pacific Natural Foods Organic Free Range Chicken Broth...I get it off of amazon subscribe and save for the extra discount and free shipping
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    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Melissa- that sounds amazing! Where do you Dallas go when you normally go south of the border? The only thing I would add on to Melissa's is some beach volleyball and tequila + lime My ideal vacation would be somewhere in the Mediterranean with my husband. One of the greek islands... We would rent a a small house, white exterior with a blue roof and an ocean view. Or maybe do more of a B&B style. No alarm clocks! We go to bed and rise with the sun. No cars either! Everywhere we go is by foot, biking, boat, or ATV. Our days would be spent boating, fishing, shopping the local markets, yoga, and hiking. We would would eat lamb, wine, eggplant, olives and figs. We would make friends with locals and learn traditional recipes using local ingredients. On weekends we would travel to other islands or countries to visit. Oh and I would acquire the ability to tan like a greek goddess! It's a dream ok!
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    Salad or bowl, its all the same, and YES SKIP THE DRESSING!
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    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    Siobbhan - I played club volleyball all through High School and played in college as well. The best advice I can give you is to pack a small cooler to bring along with you. Think sliced deli meat (applegate brand), apples, bananas, sweet potato, coconut water, some nuts. This is the kind of stuff that will get your through the weekend. You will need good fuel to keep energy levels high between games. If you can't pack a cooler than Subway is your next best option, just stick to the salad and double or triple the meat.
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    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    those are great suggestions Dee! Sometimes hodgepodged meals turn out being the best! You will find all sorts on interesting combos like that
  6. Megan Claydon

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    Fast Food is just plain hard. The only other thing I can think of would be Subway (can't believe I'm saying that) and you can get their salad with extra meat. Otherwise I think Carie has the right idea. Find your nearest grocer and put together a quick and easy proten-carb-fat meal. I will always try to have sardines or kipper snacks and a lara bar in my car for emergency situations when I need to get food now and I just don't have time.
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    Hey Lauren, Let me just say that I personally LOVE me some chipotle! It can definitely come in handy when you are in a pinch for food away from home or you want to suggest a place to eat among friends who may not be as into healthy eating as you are. That being said, you are RIGHT, everything they cook is soybean oil based...even if you got the carnitas, the peppers and onions are still sauteed in soybean oil. To avoid the soybean oil you could do the romaine lettuce, carnitas, guacamole, and pico. Double the meat and maybe even the guacamole too.