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    Heavy Cream Substitute

    ghee or clarified butter....that won't taste bad!
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    bahaha! (knowing laughter!) I remember the first time I had beets and this happened to me! I had a mild freakout in the bathroom!
  3. Megan Claydon

    Early morning workout and breakfast

    Have you read the Whole30 Timeline? You are smack dab in the middle of "kill all things" and "i just want a nap" stages! There is nothing wrong...your body is just adjusting. I wouldn't worry about one wod going awry. Take a deep breath. Your energy will return full force soon enough. In the mean time if you still feel the need to WOD, do it with the understanding that you will not be breaking any records during the first few weeks of a W30. Take your time, keep your wits about you, and move through the work as your body allows. Keep at it girl!
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    Help I think I'm losing my hair!!!

    I can't say the whole30 specifically changed my excessive shedding around. But in general a less stressful lifestyle and completely changing out the products I put in my hair has made ALL the difference. I have fine wavy hair and I used to have to wash my hair everyday. I would then add product on product to make my hair more shiny, more volume, blah blah. This would then weigh down my wave into a nappy mess so I would straighten it every day too. My just wasn't as healthy as the rest of my body. So I started experimenting with no-poo, natural shampoos, etc.. It took some time and a little trial and error but it was soooo worth it. I now only wash 2 maybe 3 times a week. My hair has a beautiful natural wave to it now with lots of bounce. Best of all the shedding is minimal now to what is was before. So I recommend reading the ingredients on your shampoo bottle!
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    Early morning workout and breakfast

    sounds like a plan jordan! Let us know how it goes!
  6. Megan Claydon

    Crossfit for a lean muscle?

    Yikes honey! Did you take a breath while typing all that out! lol Yes a lot of people in the crossfit community eat paleo, but there is also a fair amount who don't. Crossfit and paleo is a good match. You just need to do your research in finding a good gym with good coaches. This is especially true given your knee. A good coach will be able to slowly ramp up your intensity as needed and put you into safe movements that don't jeopardize your knee's stability. Might I also add, eating habits alone make the greatest impact on body composition. You are what you eat. You can crossfit all you want but if your food isn't dialed in you are most likely not going to see any changes. And NO, women do not get bulky from lifting. The women that you perceive to be "bulky" on the crossfit games are eating, training, and supplementing with the intention to carry around that much muscle. They also have genetics on their side. My point is, you would have to intentionally have a lot of lifestyle changes to add that kind of muscle.
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    Missing a period

    This happens to a lot of women. Your first cycle on the whole30 is likely to bring a host of changes. Just goes to show how much of an impact food has on your hormones! Scary right? Try not to stress over it! You know you are eating for health. Your body is just trying to find a new balance. It will work out. Keep on keeping on!
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    Early morning workout and breakfast

    If your schedule/time allows for you to have another meal, which would be "breakfast", then I would recommend eating a traditional breakfast maybe and hour or so after your post workout meal. If that's not feasible for you, then I would increase the amount you are eating post workout. Don't sweat it too much, if you are getting a quality amount of protein and carbs in post workout and you easily make it to lunch before getting hungry...then you already had the right idea with fueling.
  9. Megan Claydon

    Now Super Enzymes and Now HCL

    So Now Super Enzymes and Now HCL are basically the same thing. The HCL just has a little extra to aid in digestion. I would NOT double up on the two. If you are looking more digestive aid I would try looking into fermented foods like sauerkraut or kombucha. I have added these into my diet daily and it has made a huge difference in my gut health and they are super tasty.
  10. Megan Claydon


    Totally normal! And I would enjoy the extra sleep, your body clearly needs it!
  11. Megan Claydon

    Too much meat on day 1?

    carb flu can definitely start to take its toll by within the first few days. Stay the course and in a few days you should see the switch
  12. I second the salt and water intake...My muscles (especially calves) will let me know when I have been negligent of these two items. Salt your food and drink plenty of water. These two things are easy to forget about when you are traveling.
  13. Megan Claydon

    How do you take Greak Lakes Gelatin?

    I use the orange label kind, so I pour the gelatin in my cup, mix is the a little COLD water to absorb it and make a little gel at the bottom. Then I add my tea bag and fill the cup with hot water. If you don't do it in that order it won't miz properly
  14. Megan Claydon

    Hormonal Acne

    I really recommend taking Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil. It has 100% cleared up my hormonal acne. I was doing everything right before....eating clean and using clean organic products on my face, but I would still break out at the same time of my cycle every month. Dallas recommended the fermented cod liver oil and within a few weeks everything was clear. No breakouts at all! It's pretty amazing stuff!
  15. Megan Claydon

    How do you take Greak Lakes Gelatin?

    I usually drink a cup of hot tea mid morning or afternoon and I will add it to my tea...can't taste it at all!
  16. Megan Claydon

    Aunt Flow Sucks

    I'm going to go ahead and change the title...don't want anymore confusion!
  17. Megan Claydon

    Menopause without soya?

    I'm sure you know after following the whole 30 and being on this forum that drinking soy milk is not doing your body any favors. Especially if it's artificially boosting your estrogen levels. I highly recommend seeking out a functional medicine practitioner to take a look under the hood. Or at least talk to one about getting some tests ordered. There is clearly some hormone disruption going on and drinking soy milk is never going to be the answer.
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    According to Chris Kresser's Healthy Baby Code its perfectly ok and ideal!
  19. Megan Claydon

    Pregnant with twins!

    Hey ladies, I really recommend that you read Melissa own post on her pregnancy and food aversions. I think you will be surprised to find Melissa is human and not a demi-god, but she also had some strong aversions to whole30 foods and had to improvise. "While pregnancy is not carte blanche to give into every junk food whim and desire, you also have to be kind to yourself, and not expect perfection. Your everyday diet may be pretty close to Whole30, but pregnancy is a different ballgame."
  20. Megan Claydon

    Speaking of yoga...

    Baron Baptiste is my homeboy
  21. Megan Claydon

    hair loss

    Here is a similar thread in the Ladies Only Section with some good conversation
  22. Megan Claydon

    Anyone have a drop in sex drive?

    sweet potato is the new aphrodisiac
  23. Megan Claydon

    Help I think I'm losing my hair!!!

    hair cycles usually take 3 months. So what is happening to your hair now is likely the result of what was going on in January. Extreme low carb diet 3 months ago could be what is causing the hair loss if it created a large stress on your body. There is no quick fix to this. Take a look at lifestyle stressors. Where can you remove stress? I would stay on the whole 30 and when you finish the 30 days try to stay as close to a whole30 as possible. Post whole30 binges can also cause a lot of stress on the body. Other than that I would try to limit the amount of time you spend blow drying, straightening, and so forth. I know how hard this. But if the hair loss is the result of stress, you can turn things around with a little TLC.
  24. Megan Claydon

    It's gone...what to do?

    what is your stress level like?