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  1. Hi! I am just completing my first whole30 and am halfway through reintroduction. I have completed alcohol, soy (I did it seperately) legumes, non gluten grains and was about to start dairy when I discovered some of my non gluten had gluten and the veggies were cooked with butter (friends house for dinner)... since I'm pretty sure my issues are with gluten and dairy, do I have to start over? Or can I do a whole7/14 to get back on track and complete my reintroduction? Specifically I'm separating those categories into sub categories to see if yogurt or cheese is ok but milk is my issue. Or if I can have granola but pasta is off limits? That sort of thing. I really don't want to start over, but I really want to find out what's causing my bloating (I look 6mo pregnant) & stomach pain. Any advice would be incredibly helpful. Thank you!