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  1. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Heading into the final week! Making chocolate chili tonight for dinner. hope everyone is well and thriving!
  2. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Half way through! I am experiencing some serious food boredom. I am going to try to make something new this week and maybe buy some new spices. How’s everyone else doing?
  3. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Day 10 - bought some SuperSeedz Sea salt Pumpkin Seeds the other day and they are SO GOOD! I mainly just sprinkle them on salads or have a spoonful with my breakfast. My most favorite "treat" is a sliced Koru apple with crunchy almond butter and cinnamon. It tastes so good, I forget that it's compliant! The bloat is starting to go, but that initial energy I felt took a dip the past couple of days. I know that it'll turn back up again probably by the end of this week. Hope everyone is doing well and please share any tips or hacks that you've learned to make Whole30 part of your daily routine! I am excited for dinner tonight because I am roasting a chicken with lemon, onion, garlic, and rosemary with baby red potatoes. Thinking maybe spinach or green beans to go with it, we'll see!
  4. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    @Hope4Overcomers if you are hungry, eat. Just make sure it’s compliant and try to eat more during your next meal. You shouldn’t go hungry.
  5. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I spoke too soon. I had a dream last night that I ate a granola bar and when I was half way through realized that it had dairy AND sugar in it. I woke up really thinking that I had broken the rules and was debating on whether or not to restart.
  6. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Omg! The horror!
  7. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I hope this works for you! The testimonials are great to read if you need inspiration to stay on track. Just give yourself 30 days and see what happens!
  8. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Today was super hard. My friend invited me to the movies. The only compliant snack they had there were some cashews and almonds. I was starving because It was lunch time. Luckily, I had anticipated this and brought orange slices and come cucumber slices. I also brought my orange vanilla seltzer. Popcorn is one of my favorite foods, so I knew I’d be tempted. I made it through - although I wish I remembered to bring my Lara bar in because I was hungry!
  9. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Wow, I can’t believe how many responses this post got, I didn’t get any the last time I did W30! You are all so great for supporting eachother. For anyone still getting used to this, just know that it will get easier and you sort of start to ENJOY prepping your food and trying new recipes. Some essentials for me are: hardboiled eggs- I do 6 at a time so I always have them on hand for a quick breakfast. The easiest way to make them is to boil for 1 minute and then cover for 12-15 minutes. They come out perfect every time! frozen veggies - just discovered frozen riced veggies made by green giant! I like them because I don’t have to worry about them going bad if I don’t use them right away and they are ready in 5-6 minutes. Lara Bars/RX Bars- I try to use these for emergencies only. I keep them in my purse, my desk at work, and at home. Chicken/turkey meatballs- there are so many different recipes on Pinterest for these. I end up making a double batch and freeze the extras so I have them available. Fruit- I only have fruit once per day, usually with breakfast. However, if I’m hungry after lunch and dying to snack on some chocolate or office cake- I find that handful of blueberries or an apple with almond butter and cinnamon cures that. Chicken sausage- always read the ingredients, but these are awesome to have for a quick dinner. They cook in 10-12 minutes and are a good alternative to cookout food like hot dogs or meat that was marinated in non compliant ingredients. Seltzer water & tea- make sure you check the labels though! Some teas have soy in them or sweetners. products I have in my fridge and pantry are: tessamaes dressing, compliant mustard, primal kitchen mayo, tomato paste, compliant chicken or vegetable broth, coconut milk, almond flour, coconut oil, olive oil, coconut aminos, and ghee. Another huge inspiration for me is following Whole30 people on Instagram. I am a huge fan of NoCrumbsLeft and a few other bloggers. They are always posting great tips. We’ve got a few stages to go through, but remember that making the decision to do this was huge. I hope everyone makes it through and gets to feel that awesome Tiger blood! If you mess up, start again! No judgement
  10. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Also, there is a tomato basil turkey meatloaf recipe on Pinterest that was SO GOOD and was super simple to make. I had it for dinner and made 3 work lunches with the leftovers. I had it with green beans and half a sweet potato
  11. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hey guys! Day 5 and I just got all of these notifications. I did start on 4/2, although it wasn’t the best day because I was sick. I decided to keep to my commitment though and I made it! I had a dilemma yesterday when the lunches I prepared were left out by accident. I ended up having to purchase a compliant lunch on my break, but I had Lara bars at my desk just in case I couldn’t find anything. Hope you are all doing well!
  12. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hello! I think that taming inflammation is a very good reason to do Whole30. While most people do lose weight on this program, that is just an added bonus. My first round had me sleeping better, got rid of my 3pm energy crashes, leveled my moods, lessened my anxiety, and I did ultimately lose 6 lbs when all was said and done. I had hoped to lose 10, but my non scale victories were too great to feel disappointed. This time around, I am not going to focus on the weight issue at all. I think it’s great that you’ve decided to try W30 and I hope you end up having as great of an experience as I did!
  13. deviin22

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hello, I am starting my 2nd round of whole30 on 4/2 (waiting until AFTER Easter). Just looking to see if there is anyone else that is starting around the same time. I loved my first whole30 so much and am looking forward to that Tiger Blood again! I think this will kickstart my healthy summer. I have some tricks that i learned during the first round (like always having approved snacks available, meal prepping every sunday, and I know what products to use now), but I'd like some accountability assistance!
  14. deviin22

    Alcohol Dependence

    I know that this topic is a little old, but I found that one of the most positive and unexpected side effects of my first Whole30 was that it made me take a good hard look at my relationship with alcohol. It also made me realize that so much of my social life depended on the addition of alcohol, and for the first week or two I mostly stayed home because I didn't know what to do with myself. My friends had stopped inviting me to things because they knew I wasn't drinking or eating out, which was tough to handle as well. I am on day 29, and I am so happy to have had these alcohol-free days to reassess my life. I've found enjoyment in hiking, going for walks, and cooking. I've been able to put myself into social situations without being drunk, and I'm still me. It's truly been one of the greatest parts of this experience for me. That being said, tomorrow is Day 30. I will no longer have the excuse of being Whole30 compliant to refuse drinks. I am going to drink, I know this, but I think I'm going to limit it to 1 night per week if possible.
  15. deviin22

    Started 8/16

    Hey guys! I am on day 3 of Whole30. I feel fine, I actually felt the worst on the first day, but I think that was related to just coming back from vacation. I was going to push back my start date because I was tired between vacation and going back to work, but I just took that as my first challenge to get over. The quote from the book about this not being hard (comparatively) stuck in my head. I initially started reading about Whole30 because I started making healthy lifestyle changes in June. I have brought my lunch and breakfast to work every day since 6/1/2017. So far I'm down about 18 lbs. I began looking up healthy meal prep ideas, and I stumbled across Whole30. The more I read about it, the more I couldn't wait to start. Little background on me: I've struggled with weight my entire life. My first "diet" was in the 3rd grade after I demanded my mom take me to a nutritionist. I ate the healthiest out of all my siblings and exercised just as much, but I kept gaining weight. I suffered with weight gain after a bout of depression in college and it's been difficult since then. Last year, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS which explains a lot of my difficulty with losing weight over the years. I've also dealt with severe anxiety. Learning that whole30 might help these issues, even a little bit, was one of the main reasons that I chose to try it out. Day 3 is almost over, and I've been managing really well. I'm getting some fresh local veggies this weekend from the farmer's market and I am planning on making the Thai Coconut soup from the book (coconut soup is my fave!) I've even gotten those around me at work to try it out, and it helps when they are eating healthy foods too. I'm going to start out my 30's at the end of September a much healthier and happier way than I started my 20s, and that's something to celebrate I wish everyone good luck and I'm so excited to be part of this community!