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    deviin22 reacted to pags98 in What do you drink?   
    I've said this on the forum a few times now, but he honestly just needs to suck it up (man to man here/tough love).  I drank a minimum of 60 oz of soda per day.  It went down something like this: 44oz soda from the corner store in the morning to get me to lunch.  Water or a 20oz soda at lunch.  One or two 12 oz sodas at home in the evening. 
    I took to Spindrift my first Whole30 and also found a compliant Spearmint Hot Tea to give me a bit of caffeine help.  I had horrible headaches for a few days but then the SpinDrift and Water alone were fine.  By the end of my first Whole30 I could no longer stand the tasted of diet soda.  Now when I absolutely feel like I want one I'll oblige myself with one regular sugar soda but otherwise it's water, sparkling water or SpinDrift.   During my current Whole30 I have had tea once or twice a week and drink at least 80 oz of regular water and (2) 12oz Sparkling Waters of various types a day.  
    Yes it sucks, but it will likely change his perspective on those drinks.  This is still one of my biggest NSVs of Whole30 and it has lasted over 6 months!
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    deviin22 reacted to PetraL in January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?   
    Today(day 4) my lunch was so tasty it almost felt like a crime. Tomatoes with avocado, olive oil ,a light squees from a lemon, salt and pepper with a plain 2 egg omelette on the side. So simple soooo good.
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    deviin22 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Chipotle has Whole30 bowls   
    Yes.  It's their basic salad bowl but they've put out some marketting so that their staff and customers know exactly how to order it.
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    deviin22 reacted to lostincolo in January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?   
    For all the coffee drinkers it will get better. Two years ago I drinking my coffee with sweetner and non-fat milk.  Buy the best coffee
    you can afford and you will be able to drink it black. I have been drinking my coffee black now for over two years.
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    deviin22 got a reaction from CrazyCow in January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?   
    Day 2 is going well so far. I really don't mind having almost the same thing for breakfast every day, so I usually just do hard boiled eggs and veggies. I have an apple and maybe some almond butter for a mid morning snack. I take a late lunch and usually do tuna, chicken sausage, or grilled chicken & some sort of vegetable/salad. I bought some potatoes, but I'm trying to limit carbs this time around. I love finding easy, microwavable, quick snacks and meals that I can put together. One of the biggest things that I learned in round 1 is that food is fuel. If you're not hungry enough to eat boiled chicken and steamed broccoli, you're not that hungry. It's helped me with my cravings and made me more mindful of my snacking. This is my third round of Whole30 so I am a lot more relaxed about it. I have emergency RX bars in my purse so I don't have to scramble and find things, I found all sorts of compliant goodies at target, wegmans, and market basket that I know I can have. Just looking forward to the middle of this round to start sleeping better, feeling less anxious, and being more focused. I'm not portion controlling, but I do write down what I eat to make sure I'm getting a good balance and that I eat enough in general. Already on day 2 - 28 days to go!
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    deviin22 got a reaction from CrazyCow in January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?   
    I'm starting today, too! This will be my third Whole30 and I am excited to reset. It has helped me tremendously the past two times. Candidly, I did not prepare well for this round. I didn't use that as an excuse and hustled to the grocery store before work to get some quick grab supplies. Excited for that tiger blood again! :)