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  1. Hey everyone! I am looking for some helpful articles about people's success stories, such as what problem they have solved. My boyfriend has problems with anxiety & his bowl movements. He has a couple other problems & I suggested whole30 to him, it might be able to help him with some of his problems. He tells me his diet wont cause any problems he eats healthy meals with me all the time. I would like to show him other peoples stories & hopefully can convince him to give it a try. I would appreciate the help!
  2. Rholy

    Starting in January!

    I can't wait for whole30 January! I already have chomps, epic bars and elements frozen meals saved!
  3. Rholy

    Bacon & cooking fat

    Thank you ladies! I actually found whole30 compliant bacon at wegmans. It's the new on they have been posting about. Forgot the name at the moment.
  4. Rholy

    Bacon & cooking fat

    Ok thank you, Ill just use the olive oil or coconut. I don't have any recipes planned yet for lard. I still have to check a whole foods around me to see of they have any compliant foods.
  5. Hey guy's was trying to find bacon & cooking fat in store's rather than online. I'm in new York and some stores would be aldi, walmart, wegmans, trader joes, feel rite. I also can't find the sausage thats the apple kind at walmart that is on the pintrest whole30 approved at walmart shopping list. Any help or advice on those or lunch meats I can get will be greatly appreciated thank you.