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    @ Dukunbayi
    Confession...I cheated too. I put on one of my "tight" pairs of pants one day and they were much more loose. I thought, nah, can't be! I couldnt help but validate with the scale. Holy cow...I dropped those 5 vanity lbs I've been carrying with me for years. I haven't been that weight since college...20 years ago. Not my goal with this plan but I'll take it!
    I also have chickens and really appreciating the abundant supply of fresh eggs. I used to sell to friends because we couldn't eat them all ourselves. No more!
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    Confession: I cheated. I stepped on the scale. I am roughly 10 lbs down. In less than 3 weeks, without hunger.
    Blows my mind. Hail to the healthy fats, for I am convinced they are the key.
    Not that fat loss has been my primary incentive for doing this, but, wellll...... yea, I'll take it.
    @Jtota, I'm with you. Coconut ice cream, pineapple ice cream, coconut chips.... any of that truly yummy sounding stuff would be a trigger for me. Larabars for true emergencies at work. If I would eat an entire, living pastured cow, Abiyoyo style, I will allow myself a Larabar.
    Gonna defrost a whole chicken today for the crockpot tomorrow. I'll be working all the livelong day, but I still have to feed my kids! (Darn growing teens.) Plus, it'll be delicious and comforting to come home to that tomorrow night.
    Just hinted to my other half that "Well Fed" would make a lovely birthday present to a certain woman who has been doing all the cooking lately .
    I'm sitting here listening to my chickens outside, egg-songing it up. They are so funny. Does anyone else here have chickens?
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    I'm glad to have found this group. I saw a shiny new copy of It Starts With Food on the bookshelf at my local library last fall. I was immediately intrigued and started experimenting with some of the meal map recipes. I liked the ones I tried and decided I would go all in January 1, 2013...after the holidays. I always considered myself a pretty healthy eater. I've been making fruit smoothies for breakfast for perhaps the last 8 years, even started putting kale leaves and raw beets into them for the extra health benefit. I "grazed" all day long on fruits and veggies skipping the traditional lunch. I have been tested for high cholesterol so started backing off on eggs and meat and adding flax seed to everything at the advice of my doctor. I started juicing a year ago. ISWF debunks all of these habits. So really part of my intrigue is challenging the Paleo eating concept to see if I will actually start feeling better and shedding some health inconveniences I've endured perhaps too long. I have had what one allergist calls vasomotor rhinitis (constantly runny nose) for almost 14 years. After being tested for the 50 most common allergens (negative results), trying steroid spray treatments (not for long), neti pots, and finally trying to eliminate dairy, nothing changed. Gluten would be the next culprit but I kept putting off that elimination test because I knew it would be harder to control for. My inconvenient sniffles and reaching for a tissue several times a day have become my new norm. On top of that, I seem to have trouble waking up in the morning, experience bouts of sleepless nights from time to time, and an unhealthy habit with red wine. So here I am, 3 days into the Whole30. I have noticed a mild headache since yesterday afternoon and woke up with achy muscles today (and I didn't work out hard at all the past two days). I know it will get worse before it gets better. Thankfully the recipes are delicious. I'm looking forward to finally paying attention to how my body feels and reacts to what I eat because the saying is are what you eat!