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    Back Again and Successful!

    I fell off the wagon. Hard. Sugar and I have a love hate relationship. After my first whole30 I did really well maintaining a healthy diet for about three months. Then my mother came to visit, and she is a sugarholic! We went to Cracker Barrel, Dunkin' Donuts (at least FOUR times a week, yikes!) and had numerous sugary iced coffees (no good). Pretty soon I was back to a daily pastry and my clothes were not fitting at all. Enter a second Whole30. It was desperately needed. I had horrible sugar withdrawal migraines this time for the first four days. Once past that everything smoothed out and I got back into the groove. I was determined to exercise on my bike everyday, and at first, I did! Unfortunately, I got a whiff of my better days on week 2 (when I easily did 50-100 miles a day on a mountain bike) and pushed my self so hard I got horrible back spasms and dislocated a joint (that FINALLY popped back into place this morning!). Thank goodness I had a sister who cooked whole30 specific meals for me for about a week. The spasms still caused me to swell to a point where I didn't seem to lose anything on week 3, but I pressed on! NSV: Tiger blood Lower Heart rate No more sugar! SV: lost 13 pounds! (and probably a few inches but I'm horrible at remembering to measure) This is just the beginning I'm going to do another month to make a whole60, and maybe a whole90. This sugar deal has got to stop for good this time. Plus, with my back issues, I feel like I was cheated out of the complete experience. Side Note: I really appreciate those who post before and after photo's. Whenever I feel like giving up, I go and look at other's success and use it as fuel to keep pushing forward! Don't be afraid to post before and afters! It's super encouraging for those thinking of taking the plunge!