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  1. Day 31 *happy dance*

    I started my whole30 on August 3rd because I was perpetually tired and had constant pain in my lower right intestine (which caused many false appendicitis scares) for about a year and a half. I was finally told it might be a reaction to food, that's when my mom bought me It Starts With Food, and now here I am! Was it hard? No. Honestly, not hard. For the amount of sugar I had been eating I was surprised that my cravings didn't last past day 3 (with one really strong one on day 18 for some reason). I found a lot of great recipes and always donated grocery day to prepping so the recipes didn't take to long to make! I don't know how many pounds or inches I lost in total. I don't have a scale and I didn't measure, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. NSV: Loads of energy! After the first week, I got rid of all napping. I can even stay up longer at night! Now I'm doing more things, like going on walks or visiting family. I guess you could say I excercise more now since I don't spend days on the couch. XD My pain disappeared after that first week too! My heartbeat went from 87 to 69, yay! I eat veggies and not homemade sweets all day (discovered a love for sweet potatoes). I'm much happier now with how I feel as a whole and think I'll go on to do a whole90 once I figure out what my food triggers are. I'm certainly staying away from sugar for a very long time!