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  1. Help! Resources in the UK

    I'm in the middle of my first Whole30 and found stock really difficult to find. However, Sainsburys do a compliant Veg stock in their 'free from' aisle (so it isn't chilled). Waitrose also do a compliant chicken stock which is found in the chilled aisle. If you can't be bothered, like me, to make your own, these are great for soups and plenty of other dishes!
  2. August 7th Start Date

    Anyone else not yet in the 'tiger blood' stage? My husband and I are on day 15 of our first Whole30 and our energy levels are not up to where we thought they'd be at this point. Also, cravings seem to be worse now than earlier in the programme. We will stick with this and see out the 30 days but would love any encouragement on offer!
  3. Started 8/7/17

    How are you feeling Nicole? My husband and I also started on the 7th of August (we also have 2 young children) and we haven't felt the benefits yet. In fact, we are a little discouraged that our energy levels aren't higher and that our cravings seem more rampant on day 15 than earlier in the programme. I'd love some encouragement if you have any to share This is our first Whole30 so maybe our expectations are too high? Anyways, hope you are finding success!