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  1. Starting today!

    I am doing well! Day 18 and feeling good. I made a big batch of roasted potatoes, green peppers, red peppers and onion with some seasonings and then a big batch of scrambled eggs. I will be eating this for the next 5 or six days for breakfast. It was delicious...
  2. Phone App

    Just wondering how the RealPlans is working for you. I think I am going to do a yearly subscription due to the cost being cheaper for a year. I really like the idea of it planning out when you do what timeline for the week. Let me know what you think. I am on day 16 and planning on doing this for at least the 30 days.
  3. Starting today!

    25lbs? OH MY GOSH!!! CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!
  4. Starting today!

    You look great! You must be so proud of yourself!!!!
  5. Starting today!

    @Lunarose I agree with trying another ranch dressing for the wings, but still was good. LOL! I also did the news letter and do like the motivation.
  6. Starting today!

    I can understand your thought process and yes it is a bummer. Hang in there and you will get that tiger blood. Remember we all have different timelines. If you get to day 30 and want to continue I say do it. You can always change up your veggies like you mentioned and see if things change. Glad to hear your eating less food to satisfy you and compliments are the best. My daughter looked at me last night and told me to turn around, so I did and then she said she liked my jeans. WHAT? I was expecting her to say you look good. LOL! Good Luck and hang in there.
  7. Starting today!

    Well I have been absent from this forum but thought I would chime in today. I am on day 11 and my nausea is gone and I feel good. I was wondering if any of you have thought about subscribing to the Whole30 meal plan. I was looking and for $7 -$8 a month I could have my meals planned based on user input and my grocery list made up. I work from home full time and making my meal plans are very time consuming, oh also the plan gives you a timeline like the Whole30 first week on what to do each day as far as food prep. I'm thinking at that price it might be worth it. I'm not one to just buy something like this, but this has my attention. Well I realized at 3:00pm I had not eaten lunch so I had some protein salad. Actually I was hungry and before I realized I had not eaten I had half an apple and a little bit of almond butter, then I realized I hadn't eaten lunch. I will have to fill up on veges at dinner. This was a first for me. I find the hardest thing for me is eating before my workout, which is a hard boiled egg about 6:30am, eating after I work out, usually just a small portion of protein and a third of a sweet potato about 8:00am. Then I don't eat breakfast till like 9:30 cause I'm just not hungry, then lunch is later and typically I am hungry at our 6pm dinner. I haven't been snacking much at all. I do have a stash of Chomp's beef sticks and a few compliant Lara bars for me to grab when I am out on appointements all day just in case. I have noticed my stomach is getting smaller, my backside is more muscular, LOL! I realized this one night laying in bed. I strength train 3 times a week and do high intensity cardio 1 day a week. One of the main reasons I am doing Whole30 is because I have been at 150lbs for the past three years and my body composition, and measurements are the same. So if I'm working out as much as I do then it must be my eating. I didn't eat unhealthy but knew something drastic had to change if I wanted results. I am determined, but don't let this be mistaken for this not being difficult. I miss my Starbucks, but this is only 30 days, I miss my coffee creamor but this is only 30 days. I will not use Splenda again and I used to have about six packets a day. I have wanted to kick that habit for awhile and am proud to say I have. I will definitely keep up many of these habits well beyond the 30 days. Thank you Melissa and Dallas Hartwig! Woot! Woot! Well I have rambled on enough..... I also wanted to say to everyone you all are doing so good. You should all be very proud of your efforts. Good Luck with the remainder of your Whole30 where ever you may be in the process.
  8. Starting today!

    We had our wings and my husband loved them I liked them. I made some without the sauce which I preferred. I have left over sauce and will be making more next week.
  9. Starting today!

    I bought my Franks hot sauce and wings. I'll be cooking them Sunday. I will let you know if we like or love them....Lol!
  10. Starting today!

    I am going to make them this weekend. My husband and I love Buffalo wild wings so we will try this....
  11. Starting today!

    I second that chicken picatta... Sounds delicious.....
  12. Starting today!

    Thanks! I work from home and so I can catch a nap when needed. I typically take a 10-20 minute nap if I'm on my computer all day. I need to get to my local grocery who has the compliant salad dressing buy one get one. Congrats on making it this far in the program!
  13. Starting today!

    Wow! Sounds like your doing great! Your foods sound very tasty. The wings sound delicious. Is that hot sauce hot? Lol! I am finding I am a bit light headed today but truly not bad. I have some things to do before the evening ends. Write more later.
  14. August 21 start date

    Hi Jessica, Host and LAZR and whoever else drops in this forum. I started on Monday the 20th, this is my starting announcement. My 3rd day and doing Ok. No major side effects. A bit of nausea yesterday but it went away quickly after I had some fruit after lunch. Today I ate left over baked Omelet and don't really like it reheated. I planned my first week off the menu in the book and today I have so much food left over I will be eating left overs today. My bone broth was made exactly how it stated in the book, cooling process in smaller portions and then freezing in individual servings. Does not taste to good, may need to use better bones next time. I stopped eating yogurt, cheese sticks, gum, splenda three weeks before my start date to make it a bit easier on myself. I hope all is going well with all of you. Lets support each other as we succeed at this process.
  15. Starting today!

    Day 2 for me. Prep was Sunday and oh boy it was long.... I gave up yogurt, cheese sticks and splenda about three weeks ago and have tweaked my coffee with coconut cream and a little bit of water to reduce the coconut taste. No headaches for me yet, but I'm just waiting for it... It seems like this is a lot of food. The food is similar to what I have been eating other than compliant ingredients. Also the protein and starch after my workout at 7:30 has me eating breakfast at 10:00 in the morning. I work from home most days. It seems like there is alot of food. Thinking about eating leftovers for dinner in my first week due to not wanting to throw it out The frittata was a serving for six for me. I can only eat so much. I stop when I am full. Looking forward to hearing other stories as well as support for the next 29 days....