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  1. Bacon a plated fat?

    I'm seeing more and more posts of bacon being a sole fat and was told it can be considered a sole plated fat. Which is why i came here asking for clarification. Ive done 4 rounds and learn more and more each time. Im a moderator on a whole30 page so i like my information to be accurate. Avocado is clearly listed on the whole30 list of plated fats, unlike bacon. I apologize for my ignorance.
  2. Bacon a plated fat?

    Yeh for me bacon would never be enough fat and it's not on the plated fat lists which is where my initial concern came from. Seemed like it was being singled out but didn't have the nutritional backing to be a true fat according to the template. Lots of other programs utilize eggs as a fat source which is why I compared. I just want to make sure I'm conveying correct information cause I'm afraid it may have started a fad of bacon being a true plated fat.
  3. Bacon a plated fat?

    Like sausage for example. It has much more fat then bacon. So why would bacon be considered a fat if other meat based items like eggs or sausage that have a higher fat content then bacon not be considered a fat? They all have equivocal protein.
  4. Bacon a plated fat?

    So it's not that its necessarily a plated fat... more that it's not a protein. I'm just not seeing on any of lists of plated fats 'bacon'
  5. Bacon a plated fat?

    How can bacon which has 3.5g of fat per slice be considered a plated fat but eggs which have 5g per egg not be?
  6. I'm seeing info now saying bacon can be considered a plated fat. Is this true? If so, can eggs and high fat processed meat also be considered a plated fat?