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  1. A band of dragons

    Thank you, Shannon, for the advice and encouragement. I'm gearing up for another Whole30, this time a bit wiser.
  2. A band of dragons

    Hi, new to the forums. Recently discovered Whole30 and found that it really resonated with me. I started and was 10 days in when I made a small slip that lead to a cascade of unfortunate choices and I'm now so far off-plan that regaining my footing has been very challenging. Needless to say, I've been feeling pretty rotten about what's happened and struggling to just look past it and start over. Thankfully, I've recognized that some good still came out of even 10 days. I learned a number of things about myself and I have more insight as to how I may improve the process next time. I just need to recommit already. Any thoughts/tips/advice would be welcomed.