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    Congrats, @alw289! Sounds like you are well on your way. @NoneOtherThanAmy I introduced wine on Friday but didn’t really get the joy I recalled, so am backing off that. I also am going to keep going Whole30 as much as possible because I still need to get in better shape for Nordic ski season here in VT. I have started to slowly ramp up my exercise, so hope to get a little more fit too. The other things I learned is: 1) I love ghee so made a new batch with grass fed butter. It really is amazing with free range scrambled eggs. Yes, those eggs cost more, but they really taste better and I like knowing there are more nutrients and omega 3 fats in this version. I have a crush on ghee for my favorite cooking fat. 2) Because I already had them, I used ketone strips to see my ketone state pre- and post- wine evening. The Friday morning measurement showed I was halfway up on the strip legend, the Saturday morning after consuming two glasses of white wine in the evening reading said “no trace.” My conclusion is, if I drink wine, my fat burning stops. Since I prefer to be a little leaner,I will choose to delay wine in the evening for a while longer.
  2. Hi All, I started some training (1 day / week) to get my core in shape for cross country skiing, and I was a little too enthusiastic. I just finished the official whole30 successfully, and will continue to whole30 as I slowly do re-introduction, starting tomorrow. I'm feeling great, other than a painful ab muscle pull that I caused myself. Age: 53, female, have not been exercising regularly due to back injury (now fixed thanks to great chiropractor and specific exercises). I also work in an office so sit most of work day. The training was double leg jumps up a hill, side planks w/ dips, twisty situps, TMX straps, and kettle ball lift, and similar activities. I don't know what one exercise caused the pull, but a week later I am not able to do a push up, a plank, or a double leg jump (because my arms have to go up). The injury is in the left abdominal muscle just below my belly button. No bruise, no strange bulge, but very painful. How long will it take to heal? Does anyone hear have suggestions for what I can do to help healing? Eating more protein? Stretching? Ice? Heat? Massage? Now that I am feeling healthy (and look trimmer) I want to continue my momentum into training.
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    @stacie66 and @NoneOtherThanAmy and @Bookgrrl and @vizep Congrats to you all for making it through your Whole30. I've read your posts and just not am getting caught up and posting for the first time in month. @stacie66 @vizepMy organic wine starts tomorrow. I don't miss it, but but I miss the relaxing while out socializing. @NoneOtherThanAmy How is your digestive system doing? @Bookgrrl I hope I can stay away from sugar a while longer. I used to love popping a treat of Skittles this summer when no one was looking. Now I can't imagine doing that with all the food coloring and inflammation potential.
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    I started my Whole30 on Sept. 4th (Labor Day) and just finished. Today I weighed myself for the first time in a month, knowing that my pants were looser and my bras had to be tightened a notch ... 7.7 pounds gone! That was 5.5% of my weight. While I didn't want to focus on the number, it is nice to know that I believed I looked healthier before I saw the numeric result on the scale. Here are my actions and observations: I ate all meals and occasionally had snacks (3 full meals a day, nuts, an apple, a homemade nut bar) I did not count calories or use MyFitnessPal to track nutrients/fat/carbs/protein. I used the for planing and shopping list and made 2-3 full new meals a week. (I also talked to RealPlans consultant to learn all the tricks of the app. 20 minutes well spent!) I ate more eggs than ever, ate more protein than ever, and enjoyed ghee, olive oil and other healthy fats thoroughly. I ate much more veggies than fruits. I suffered through the first week while transitioning to fat burning. Yes, this was hard. Bad habits prior were revealed. I DID NOT increase my exercise, but I did increase the time I spent cooking, cleaning the kitchen. No shortcuts. I bought "the Whole30 book" and the Whole30 recipe book. Also found many "whole30 favorite food" recipes online. Looking at buying Whole Smith for post whole30. I did it with my husband in the same house, and long distance with my daughter. We inspired each other with photo's of healthy foods we made from scratch. Other positives: strange rash near my eye healed up my face is less ruddy, and generally clearer. (less makeup needed, yay!) my sleep is amazing, except the one day when I had coffee too late in the day I made my own mayo, ghee and spaghetti squash and it was much easier than I thought. My focus is better (I am high energy naturally, so needed better focus) I look great in my clothes that were way too tight a month ago. I am feeling great and will start ramping up exercise. Tomorrow I will go out to dinner at a healthy restaurant, and will enjoy my first glass of wine in a week. I will do slow intro of other foods over the next 2-3 weeks. Thanks all for your inspiration. I am impressed.
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    Phone App

    Hi, Sorry ... got focused on chopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning and didn't come back to this forum for a while. I would say Realplans was very helpful for me. I work (a lot) and have gotten into the bad habit of not really planning meals to get through the week. By forcing myself to sit down one day a week and plan a few fancy meals as well as breakfasts and lunches, I have become much more efficient. I am thinking of switching to the yearly so I keep up the good work. Today was my weigh in day and I lost 7.7 pounds in a month, and I was hoping for 5 if I was lucky. I'm not really a heavy person, but this year I gained some weight probably because I was working too much, so I just wanted to shake that off. A few tips I learned: 1) only attempt to do 2-3 cooks from scratch meals/week, if you are only a couple like my husband and I. (kids all grown up!) 2) plug in a few of your go-to breakfasts and lunch so the food items go into your shopping list (eggs, organic sausage, veggie or fruit is a common breakfast for me, and salad with protein is an easy lunch). 3) Try something new every week. I learned how to make spaghetti squash, how to make slow cooked shredded pork, and a few other things that will be staples now that I have the confidence. 4) I also learned that I was not eating enough food or enough fat! Yay, all those years of bad nutrition advice I can forget. I love eating now.
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    Starting on Labor Day

    Hello everyone, My husband and I are doing whole30 for the first time. Our daughter across the country is also starting on the same day, Labor Day, so we can get past some events we already had planned. I signed us all up for RealPlans, too, so I can use their online tools and phone app for efficient meal planning and a shopping list. I have practiced a few meals this week, so I feel ready. I am a little worried about the "no wine" at the end of my busy work day, but it will be good to break that habit, too.
  7. SnowflakeVT

    Phone App

    I am new to Whole30 and signed up for RealPlans. That does have an app if you subscribe, and the app works really well for meal planning, creating a shopping list and setting up your week in advance.