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  1. That's a great question! Hopefully someone will know the answer!
  2. I had a very successful W30 last January, and did about W20 in both April and September, both times caving to emotional eating. I acknowledge and fully understand that I feel SO much better, in all ways, when I'm on a W30. Over the past few months I've gained some pounds and feel crappy. I know what I need to do, and yet...I continue making poor choices. I tell myself I won't, but then I do. My husband and I love to connect over dinner and cocktails, but that's not the only difficulty. I could say that I'll make an exception for our Sunday and Monday dinner dates only. But then Tuesday rolls around and I'm eating a freaking frozen pizza (which isn't even good)! I know that in order to feel better and fit into my clothes, I need to eat better. But when it comes down to it, despite my so-called determination, I don't do it. I'll wake up and say "ok, today is the day! eggs and avocado, here I come". But I'm not at all psyched about it, and I end up eating cereal and getting all bloated. I've made some great paleo/w30 recipes, but then have no real interest in eating them. Shopping, prepping and cooking seems like an insurmountable chore. My inability to make the right choices is making me a VERY ANGRY person. I don't want to be angry! I know it's entirely up to me. I try to take it day by day, but there's always something. Post-work glass of wine? Sure! Late night slice of pizza? Absolutely, sounds so much better than my collard greens and sausage over cauliflower rice. Halloween candy? Ok, why not, it's just one... And now we head into the holiday season. Excellent. Did I tell you my friend and thanksgiving hostess is a professional baker who puts together the most amazing array of desserts? Ugh. How do I get myself together? Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  3. kaybee


    It definitely ties back to all those years of hearing "if you want to be healthy and lose weight you must eat less!". During my first W30 I couldn't believe how much I was eating. I thought I would come out of it having gained 10lbs rather than lost. Eat and be full!
  4. kaybee


    Okay, I was thinking the exact same thing -- I eat way more than that! Glad I'm not the only one. For a second I panicked that I was eating too much...(am also pretty active)
  5. Excellent point, alissafoo. Yesterday was the first bad day I've had this time around. It was very much a "what's the point?" kind of day. Feeling a little better today. It's helpful to know I'm not alone in feeling this way, and I re-read the W30 timeline and it seems I'm pretty much in line with that, too, emotionally. I know it will pass...my husband (very supportive!) keeps reminding me how great I felt last time, and that over time I can integrate W30/paleo principles more and more, that it won't happen overnight. I'm glad at least one of us is sane right now!
  6. kaybee

    Sometimes my mind is my biggest enemy

    Well, I'm. Sure glad to hear I'm not the only one telling myself a negative story. I know I need to change that, so I try to stop myself in the act and say "would you ever say such a thing to a friend? Of course not!". Talk about a waste of mental energy, yet it's so difficult to shake.
  7. I like this thread too. Thanks for posting. I agree that being able to consciously make healthy choices about food being the desired end of the W30. I certainly see the value in completing the 30 days -- which you have many times before -- but you've been there/done that and know what you want out of this. It's a constant learning experience. I think you did the right thing even though the cake wasn't 'all that'.
  8. Thank you, JJB. Ideally, I'm heading towards that place where you are: I'd like to eat this way most of the time but still be able to eat what I want sometimes. Thinking about life with no "x", whatever that is doesn't work for me (actually I can do without x just fine, it's food and booze that get me. ) 30 days I can do, and intend to, because I definitely need a re-set. But when I get cranky and frustrated I start to think "what's the point if this isn't going to be your life?". I know that I need to make better choices more often, and hopefully the more W30s I do the easier it will become. After completing the first there are already some things that no longer tempt me, but I have a long way to go. The other thread right now about going off and on the W30 -- I can see myself doing that. Hopefully.
  9. I apologize for being crabby, I'm just frustrated right now...
  10. I'm doing this W30 because I really let my eating go over the summer, and I felt like crap. The final straw was one last beach trip where I ate a large bag of smart food and a pound of fudge over the course of two days. (I don't normally eat junk food). Single-handedly. Not to mention all the drinking...I want to feel good again, but the better I feel the more I worry about how to have my cake and eat it too, so to speak. Luckily, I live in an area where restaurants serving locally-grown food and responsibly raised meats are plentiful. In fact my husband and I own one. I also know that in most high quality restaurant food there is tons of butter and dairy. That's why it tastes so good! We're eating high quality food, no chains or fast food, but it doesn't really matter. I'm particularly frustrated at this moment because my husband wants to go out, but I'm having a hard time finding a place that I can eat at without re-writing the entire menu. All I see when I look at menus is NO, NO, NO... It's easy enough to cook at home. But in restaurants? Having one restriction is a breeze -- no dairy? Sure! But no dairy, soy, sugar, legumes, grains, or alcohol? I just don't want to be that person. So yes, what am I hoping to achieve? That's a very good question. One that I'm asking myself at this very moment. What indeed? Why should I bother with this? Maybe I should try to live paleo 80% of the time. Would that work? Who knows. All I know is that after my first I thought it would be easy to clean up my diet, but I slowly went back to my old ways. And right now I really do just want to quit.
  11. Thanks for the input everyone! This is actually my second W30 (plus a random W14) and after the first I thought I would never go back to eating the way I used to. But I did, over time. So that's why I'm worried now. I mentioned some Italian food, but that was just an example. I was just trying to make the point that although I could try to order well in restaurants, I know I most often won't, despite understanding that I should. My hope is that the more W30s I do, the more my tastes will change...
  12. Weird, I know. I LOVE how I feel on the w30, my body feels like great, I have tons of energy, and my digestive system is not calling attention to itself in any way (no heartburn, gas, etc). I want to eat this way ALL the time, I want to feel this great 24/7. So, why not just go paleo then? Here's the thing: I'm not ready to give up pasta, bread, wine, cheese, cocktails, etc. The thought of doing so bums me out, yet I also don't want to go back to feeling crappy. My life pretty much revolves around food and booze (not excessive booze, mind you). I'm in the restaurant business, as are most of my friends. My husband and I take great pleasure in seeking out new spots for a cocktail or a fabulous meal. We travel to different cities to eat & drink as well. I have a conundrum! How can I reconcile the two? I suppose the more W30s I do, the easier it will be to lean this way. My husband is very supportive of W30, willing to eat in for the entire month so I'm not tempted, which is great. But I keep thinking about what will happen when this is over (I'm on day 12 of my second w30). I feel like I don't do well with moderation, apparently I'm more of a rules gal. Who knew? I know that if I went to a restaurant, I wouldn't order the grilled fish with veggies. I'd 100% be going for the pasta with the sausage and cheese. If I did order the healthier option, I'd feel pissy and deprived. My brain will not cooperate! How have others reconciled the greatness of w30 with the off-plan foods they love without trashing your body?
  13. kaybee

    eating disorder

    Yeah, I think the issue here is that you need to get to psychological help first for the bulimia. No diet in the world will work if you purge everything you eat. I'm sorry you're going through this, get well soon!
  14. I agree with the others, food should not be a complex task. Food should be joyful! All this measuring and percentages and micronutrients frankly sounds a bit depressing. W30 is different in that you pay attention to how your body feels, rather than what the numbers say. Give it a shot, what have you got to lose?
  15. kaybee

    The crazy things people say

    The "no carb" thing really drives me bonkers. It's like people just can't get their head around it, they need it to fit into a little box they already think they understand. The W30 FB page can drive me nuts, too. Particularly when people say something like "I woke up today with a 104 degree fever, chills, and hacking cough. I think this 'diet' is making me sick and I should quit". Yes, it must be that. Eating healthy is making you deathly Ill, not the severe flu that's going around. *rolls eyes*