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  1. kaybee

    The crazy things people say

    The "no carb" thing really drives me bonkers. It's like people just can't get their head around it, they need it to fit into a little box they already think they understand. The W30 FB page can drive me nuts, too. Particularly when people say something like "I woke up today with a 104 degree fever, chills, and hacking cough. I think this 'diet' is making me sick and I should quit". Yes, it must be that. Eating healthy is making you deathly Ill, not the severe flu that's going around. *rolls eyes*
  2. kaybee

    The crazy things people say

    I do have a simple way to explain this plan (I'm eating whole foods, no processed. Protein, fat and veggies), but am at a loss as how to answer more specific questions like "I thought soy was good for women?" or "I thought we were supposed to eat beans and whole grains?". Especially because I know that to some people stuff like this sounds crazy.
  3. kaybee

    The crazy things people say

    I never talk about what I eat or don't eat unless asked (no one cares about someone else's diet). As others have mentioned though, the one that gets me is being cut off with "oh, you're doing atkins", as I start to explain it when asked why I look different. NO! or, "Hm, I never would've take you for a fad dieter". Grrr.... Basically, I've decided to be a hermit for the month.
  4. kaybee

    Compliant Chicken Broth

    I have the Pacific Natural Foods organic one too, just bought it yesterday, in fact. Was pretty annoyed to get home and see that it has cane sugar. It never occurred to me to look. Why on earth would chicken broth need sugar? However, no sugars show up in the nutritional content.