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  1. Ok.. is this normal?? I started the Whole30 September 1st and I never ever have an appetite. I literally didn't eat 1 thing today and the idea of food makes me sick. I'm constantly bloated and uncomfortable on the Whole30. I'm also very constipated but today had the runs (sorry for the details). I need to know if this is normal?? And im so sick and tired of eating meat.
  2. Snack ideas

    Can you tell me the amount or template for each meal? Protein has to be palm size? How much fruit can you have a day? I read the program in the Whole30 book but don't see the answers to these questions there. Am I portion controlling too? What about fats that everyone keeps mentioning? I appreciate any information you can give. Thx!
  3. Snack ideas

    What do you snack on when hungry between meals ??
  4. There 0 sugars and it says naturally flavored... how do I know if I can have flavored seltzer ? Also, I'm taking magnesium calm that's naturally flavored with raspberries and lemon. Anyone know if this is ok? What about salted almonds? I started my Whole30 today for the first time. Additionally, I need recommendations for snacks besides fruit.
  5. My intent is set for September 1st.

    My husband and I are also starting September 1st. Good luck! I hope we can do it bc my willpower isn't that strong.
  6. My wife and I are starting Sept. 1!

    My husband and I are starting September 1st as well! Maybe we can keep in touch here and motivate each other !
  7. Sept 1st!!

    What about hemp milk as it is plant based?
  8. Potatos

    Jeez, this forum isn't like others I've been part of. I feel hesitant to personally ask questions based on some of these responses. I purchased book and I didn't see the answers to these questions and thought I could ask her on my own but I'll try and navigate this website and find the answer on my own.
  9. Potatos

    Can I have sweet potatos, white potatoes and red potatos ?? What about coconut oil?? Or olive oil to cooks with?
  10. I'm not doing this for weight loss alone. But for my health I must lose weight. I'm at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes etc. I chose Whole30 for several reasons. To sleep better, to feel better, reduce inflammation, preventative care and to lose weight. I must lose weight for my health. So if this isn't the right lifestyle change to lose weight, I've chosen the wrong one. I'm excited to start and feel my best but need to lose weight simultaneously.
  11. That's the kind of inspiration I need. I'm very depressed and don't even want to leave the house bc of how insecure I feel. I've never been overweight prior to a couple of years ago. The last 2 years it's been so hard to lose weight and just feel good again. How much weight did you lose in the first month?
  12. I purchased the book, I'm just finding it overwhelmingly complicated.
  13. Which template are you referring to?
  14. I had a baby in may of 2016 and breastfed until June of 2017. I'm not just doing this to lose weight, although in the book it stated 96% of people lose weight . I'm doing it to reset my gut and be healthier , lower bp and cholesterol too.
  15. What do I do to get started?? How do i know that I'm eating all the right things ??