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    The crazy things people say

    BACKGROUND TO COMMENTARY: Go into "common kitchen" at training facility that is sugar-laden filled with poundcake, donuts, instant mac and cheese, cup o'noodes, etc. (you get the picture.) In cleaning up my food lifstyle as well as rebuilding my immune system due to my autoimmune disease, I have no choice to be 100% on board in everything that crosses my lips. This includes better awareness of things I never used to think about or did for environmental choices only. Slight soapbox moment: Here comes the styrofoam cup...(why anyone would ever purchase those to serve people based on the environmental impact alone is beyond me) Actual Dialogue: Me: [standing at sink, minding my own business, rinsing out my reusable/recyclable starbucks cup with hot water so that I can make green tea from a bag I brought with me.] Owner of training facility (who appears to be <50 but moves very arthritically and sickly ): "You can use our cups too." Me: Thanks so much. I'm good though. (not wanting to be too preachy and zipping my lip.) Owner: What's wrong with our stuff here? Me: I just would rather not drink hot beverages or really anything out of styrofoam. Owner: Oh. Well, guess good for you... (shrugging like I have an issue.)