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  1. Sweating WAY more

    I don't know about being an athlete, but I have been someone who has been suffering from hyperhidrosis and has been on this diet. I not really vocal on the forums, but I'm on day 19 and has seen an increase in my excessive sweating even more than I have been used to getting. Before I was using a doctor-recommended product called Certain Dri, which was a prescription strength antiperspirant that was made with aluminum chloride. After I was on this diet, I almost quit because my product I was using wasn't giving me the protection I was used to. And while losing weight and feeling good is important to me, preventing my hyperhidrosis from getting out of hand is more important. I moved up to the everyday strength antiperspirant. I liked this product because it had an odor blocker built into the antiperspirant making it a deodorant too. With the change in my diet, I was able to keep the excessive sweating under control and lose weight and feel great,