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  1. I'm nearly done with my first Whole30 and beginning reintroduction on Friday. The guidance says not to plan anything important during the first week of reintroduction, if you're following the legumes/non-gluten/dairy/gluten schedule with 2-3 days off between each food reintroduction. So my question is, how slow should I roll in light of the fact that I have a half marathon 9 days into reintroduction? I'm thinking dairy and gluten should wait until after the race, but if I pick one of the other groups to add in pre-race, would I be safer trying legumes, or gluten-free grains? Or should I wait on both? Go ahead and add both, since I have (in theory) enough time to recover if it goes sideways? For background, I'm mainly hoping to identify any links between food and my fibromyalgia, anxiety, and general energy levels. I plan to start reintroduction with gluten-free alcohol and relaxing on added sugar paranoia (not trying to add in sugar, just not going to freak out if I accidentally pour marinara with sugar on my breakfast hash instead of salsa. Because that happened and I has to toss half my breakfast - luckily I realized before taking a bite!). I really miss beans and legumes (not a meat fan), but don't want to add them too close to the race if there's a risk I might suffer.
  2. Can I have acorns? Not the squash, the nut.

    I could be wrong about this, but I believe acorns were a big deal for tribes across north america! I can't understand why we don't eat them more today, especially with so many people seeking gluten-free options...? Like, if Bob's Red Mill sells Kamut, Teff , and Amaranth flours, why not offer acorn flour?
  3. Can I have acorns? Not the squash, the nut.

    It's generally used like a (gluten free) flour for baking. I made a cake with purchased acorn flour once, and I recall it being much darker than a regular flour cake. Nuttier too, but I could be embellishing, since it was ages ago. Luckily (i guess?) my son wants to make hummus, so no SWYPO danger of a delicious acorn cake. Maybe we'll try a cake after I reintroduce added sugar (i'm on day 26!). Thanks for such a quick reply. Wish me luck eating homemade acorn hummus 8(
  4. It isn't normally a critical part of of my diet, but my 4 YO son collected a bunch and wants to try cooking them a bunch of different ways. I'd like to humor him and partake in his creations - if I can. It's a nut, right? So I'm thinking it's okay?