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  1. Basalmic

    I feel like a dunce. Balsalmic is on the approved list. For the last 2 weeks I have been asking for balsalmic and olive oil for my salads when I go out or visit my local salad bar(at my local whole foods store) ... I have compliant dressing at home so I haven't needed or used balsalmic at home. My husband went to reach for the balsalmic for something and I realized there is caramel in it. How common is this? Sheesh you can't trust anything... Jacqueline
  2. Attending a picnic

    I am only on day 2. Planning to be succuessful. I have a picnic coming up next week and plan to be cautious. However, I am tasked with bringing dessert. I'd like to do something a little more than a fruit tray, but want to stay whole30 compliant, though I get we're supposed to steer clear of desserts. HELP! jj