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    Food facts..... There is a ton of additives that the USDA does require ( loop holes) companies to list. The law states it needs to be listed but there are ways to get around it...
    This is referring to the enzyme ( meat glue) Transglutaminase. TM.
    If the deli product that you are getting has been formed to look like a turkey breast or a roast beef/ham.... It more than likely has TM gluing it together in a slury of collagen ...gelatin..broth..... They suck up up through a vacuum tube ( Augustus Gloop) and pump it into preformed plastic bags... Sealed and steamed.... If it looks like its been roasted it was spray painted with caramel coloring after the goo sets up.
    Have you every roasted a fresh turkey and had the slices come out in perfect ovals..... Food Chemistry!!!
    You can buy bone out natural turkey breasts and roast them for well under half the price of deli turkey. Then consider all deli meats have a ton of water added.... The price is more like 1/4
    I get grass fed tri tips and top rounds to roast.... Yield is 85%. So roasted fresh it costs me less than $12 per pound. Organic/ natural roastbeef in the package is usually $14.99 for 6 oz and 1/4 of that is added water So $15 for 4 ounces of beef.....that's $30 per pound!!!!
    I know it's convenient but it just don't add up!!!!
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    There's no real issue... if the coffee beans are flavored in the package, they'll have natural and artificial flavors... these are not ideal, but because labelling laws mean they have to call out alcohol, soy, dairy, wheat and sugar, if none of those items are on the label, you're good to go.
    You may want to do a bit of research about HOW your favorite brand of flavored coffee gets their flavors... natural and artificial flavors are born in a lab... it's not the best option but in my opinion, in one or two cups of coffee a day, it's not the end of the world and it's not going to affect your Whole30.
    That said, I'm talking beans with flavor either whole beans or ground coffee.  I'm not talking about those International Delights powders that are basically like hot chocolate powder.  If that's the kind of 'coffee' you're referring to, then it's 100% a problem because those are just a chemistry experiment of awfulness.