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  1. Spoilergirl

    Whole30 with Ileostomy

    So update since my first whole30 in September. My bloodwork in October showed a significant reduction in inflammation. I am also off prednisone for the first successful time in years - I was on a maintenance dose. Now on day 11 of my 2nd whole30. I kept off 10 of the 15 lbs I initially lost in the first round. This round has been harder but I had my first salad since pre-ostomy with no issues. Am sleeping better (again). Hang in there!
  2. Today is day 22 of my first whole30. I am on viibryd, Welbutrine and my prednisone dose has increased., but have STILL lost weight. For me this is probably a lot with the amount of sugar I took in (Sonic Dr. Pepper DAILY) and higher carb intake prior to my whole30. Hang in there. I will say my mood is overall better this month.
  3. Spoilergirl

    Bacon & cooking fat

    My local Green Acres market has Whole30 compliant bacon. You might be able to call your local smaller stores and ask. No luck on the sausage so far here.
  4. Spoilergirl

    Whole30 with Ileostomy

    Do either of you ostomates have an update? I have an ileostomy and am concerned about thicker output (I prefer mine pretty liquid). Just had an ileoscopy a couple of days ago and inside looks good, of course biopsy results are not back yet.