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  1. More downs than ups!

    Here was a typical day last week: Breakfast: Egg casserole with Egg, Ground Chicken, & Sweet potato Lunch: chicken salad with homemade mayo (olive oil + egg + garlic) that had red peppers, carrot & onion Dinner: Chicken Meatballs w/Coconut Curry sauce (coconut milk + curry paste and some other seasonings) over cauliflower rice. After reading more about the AIP, it sounds like I may need to cut out eggs for a bit for the psoriasis flares.
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm on day 9 of my first Whole30, and I feel like I'm seeing a ton of negative side effects! I have Psoriasis, which seems to be getting even worse over the last couple of days. Additionally, I have been getting extreme headaches which never happens to me, and I have been very gassy! Is this just my body going through withdrawal?? Anyone have advice, tips, experiences like mine?