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  1. anyone starting Sept 11???

    With pretty much everyone wrapping up reintroduction, it seems like this thread is coming to an end. I'd like to thank all of you for sharing stories and support, which helped us get through the hardest parts of this adventure. Special shout out to @Margot for getting this party started. I hope your little birds who have left the nest will be able to join you for Thanksgiving, and may you stay safe from the hurricanes. I don't know how you folks in hurricane prone areas do it. I'll stick to my California wildfires and earthquakes, thank you very much! Best of luck to the rest of you in continuing to build on the groundwork you've laid down for healthy eating. Perhaps we'll cross paths again on future threads as we work to get back on the track we'll inevitability stray from during the holidays. I promise not to drink too much eggnog though! Stay well, dear people!
  2. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thanks for the suggestion about the milk, @madness. My husband just retired from the Bureau of Prisons, and he sometimes brought home milk from their dairy. I never could convince myself it tasted good. Maybe I was just too accustomed to 1% or 2%. Anywho, milk as a beverage is sort of a thing of the past for me because now I weirdly prefer almond milk. Except in cereal or when dunking gingersnaps. Oh, and a weekly Starbucks latte wouldn't be the same with anything but nonfat milk. Gotta draw the line there! Really the problem for most of us is more about dairy products such as cheese and sour cream than the actual liquid form. So at least now I know to take it easy on that food group for the sake of my knee, thanks to Whole 30. Yesterday was kind of a letdown. We thought sugar day was going to be like Christmas. Not so much. I ate a pumpkin biscotti, a special candy bar, and part of a pumpkin spice bundlette I'd been hoarding for this day and they were each thoroughly enjoyable, but I had a bunch of other things I had set aside as well and was just kind of meh when I thought about eating them. So I didn't. Mini Me had a tiny bag of m&m's that were passed out in class last week that she saved for this day, and I made s'mores for the girls for dessert after dinner. She said it was just too much and probably won't eat one again. We were both almost looking forward to today and eating in compliance again. Could it be that our sugar dragons have gone dormant? I'll be fine with not waking them up again. An occasional treat us fine, but now we know that we can survive with goodies twice a week and we won't die of sugar deprivation. We'll see how we feel about that when the trick-or-treat bags come home. For those who were asking, I don't know how much I lost in inches or weight because I didn't measure or weigh before we started. But MiniMe lost 9 pounds!! I'm trying to not make too big of a deal of it and focusing her instead on the accomplishment being healthy eating choices because I don't want her fixating on weight or thinking there is anything wrong with her body no matter what, but I have to say I'm so relieved that this is working. I was really skeptical before we started, but now I can take her to her appointment with the pediatrician next month without dreading the lecture. We're almost halfway through reintroduction. Thursday is soy, and I couldn't be happier. My ex-husband is Japanese, so of course I'm all about that cuisine. I had to totally cut it out during Whole 30 though because ... coconut aminos. Please. Don't anyone EVER compare that to soy sauce again! It's like putting sugar substitute in your coffee and trying to tell yourself it tastes the same as sugar. Uh, no. Just. No. There's a corned beef in the crock pot for tonight and chicken salad in the fridge for lunch. W30 compliance is the new normal. <3
  3. anyone starting Sept 11???

    That's so funny you should mention it, @HopingtoHeal, but MiniMe and I agree; if it isn't the good stuff, it isn't worth it. Life is too short to eat bad pizza, cheese, or ice cream. It sounds like you, @50andstillhere, and I have found that dairy is our nemesis and to be reserved for times and meals in which it was "worth it" to deal with the results. Pizza is DEFINITELY one of those "worth it" items for me, but I'll limit it to once a month. Oh my goodness what a sensory experience my pizza was the other day!!! My husband tried to surprise me by going out to get it for me, but I figured out what he was doing and stopped him so that we could go to the restaurant and eat there. I've really learned to focus on the pleasure of food instead of mindlessly shoveling it into my mouth, and eating at the restaurant instead of at home added to that experience. I waffled between getting a personal size and a medium because, having once worked at a pizza place, I knew there's a logistical approach to the distribution of cheese and toppings based on the surface area. The smaller the pizza, the harder it is to keep the bubbles from forming on the crust. If the bubbles aren't popped soon enough while the pizza is baking, the toppings shift to the other side of the pizza, and the area with the bubble is just crust and sauce. Bleah. Still, I didn't want the temptation of a medium in front of me because I didn't trust myself to not eat the whole thing. So the personal size was ordered, and despite a dreaded bubble, it was yummazing, and each and every bite was savored! Poor MiniMe had a less than satisfying experience with her school pizza. She really thought she'd love it but decided that from now on she'll skip school pizza and eat it with me at a restaurant. Your doctor will definitely be able to give you better insight @HopingtoHeal. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it is the dairy causing or contributing to the joint inflammation. I figured out that's what was causing my knee pain, so now I know not to have it on or the day before any planned physical activity when I'll be on my feet for an extended period. Grains also made me tired and really bumped up the cravings for both of us. Ugh. Again, pick and choose. @50andstillhere, the problem with gas could be something else, but if dairy seems to exaggerate the problem it would seem that it doesn't sit well with your system. My mother-in-law is lactose intolerant, so she avoids dairy whenever possible. She loves the Zuppa Toscana that I make with coconut milk, so maybe look into replacing any cream or milk in your recipes with coconut milk. It isn't quite the same, but it's worth the sacrifice in taste to not feel horrible. I've read so many articles about how humans aren't meant to ingest cow's milk, but people have been doing it for centuries. As well as checking with your doctor (who might just wave it off and tell you to avoid it if it bothers you ... no help!), I would suggest researching diets of cultures who eat a lot of cheese and other dairy and see what other foods they eat and drink as well. Perhaps it's how the food is combined that could make a difference for you. Tomorrow is sugar. I bought a pumpkin spice bundtlette to share with MiniMe, and I'll FINALLY get to have a pumpkin spice latte from you-know-where. My baristas miss me! LOL!
  4. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thank you, @Sytera... the conversation with the teacher went very well, and she is very concerned about the situation with this girl. The fact that it has become physical (bullying MiniMe and another little girl into eating grass and dirt, which is very dangerous and could cause serious damage because of fertilizer and pesticides on the grounds) means that it will now go to the principal to handle once the teacher does some investigating. It might get sticky because her grandma is a teacher at that school. But the principal is very smart and fair, so I'm hoping it will be resolved soon. The day we've been waiting for is here: PIZZA! Oh, I mean "grain". And it's going to have to be gluten grain because MiniMe's school cafeteria's pizza crust probably isn't gluten free. I really feel like this will be where we see the most negative aspects. First, almost all the foods that contain grain (especially those with gluten) happen to be the "food with no brakes" items for both of us. Bread baskets at the restaurant, cookies of all kinds, chips, rice (Mmmmm! Sushi!), and breakfast cereals are likely the biggest culprits in our Journey To Larger Size Clothing. Next, my eldest daughter's veterinarian told her that the sagging belly of her cat is known as "corn belly" thanks to the copious amounts of that grain found in commercial pet food. Once she found a dry cat food that didn't have corn, her cat slimmed down. So I have no doubt it affects humans the same way. As with all of the other things we've eliminated during the 30 day reset, those foods we choose to bring back will be eaten with far more clarity, intention, and discretion. You know, @Sytera, I totally agree. The reintroduction days we dreamed about are sort of anticlimactic. I wonder if it's because our minds were reset while we were resetting the rest of us. Do you anticipate any other groups being problematic besides grain? How are you going to handle that going forward? Will you still be indulging in pizza or something special in a limited quantity or does the way it make you feel just not make it worth the splurge? I look back on that first shopping trip I took to buy compliant ingredients and how I longingly passed the cookie and soft drink aisles and literally sat and cried in the the middle of the aisle where the dizzying array of coconut milk cans were displayed, and now I go to the store for specific items and that's it! Even if I end up walking down the cookie aisle because it's the most direct route to the checkstand, it doesn't even faze me anymore. I walked through the bakery section of a store last night and took in the sights and smells of all the goodies that come with Fall (I'm part of that white-girls-who-love-all-things-pumpkin-spice cult), and as wonderful as they looked and smelled, nothing grabbed me as a "gotta have" item. I just enjoyed seeing and smelling them. I can see the pumpkin spice mini scones making it into my shopping bag some day soon though. LOL!
  5. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Wow! You really had some significant results, @HopingtoHeal and @Sytera! Congratulations! We don't even own a scale, so I'm not sure how MiniMe did, but Sissy has a doctor's appointment next week, so I'll ask them to weigh MiniMe also. I don't think I did anything significant on the outside because I don't exercise. I've still got belly and underarm flab, but I kind of feel lighter because there is no joint pain and there is zero struggle in zipping jeans. I'm sure that staying the course 5 days a week once we're finished with reintroduction and being judicious about portions and choices on the other 2 days will continue to give slow but steady results. It took 21 years to put this weight on, so it won't all come off in just a few weeks. I just love not feeling like crap all the time. As much as we looked forward to having things added back onto our plates, we are weirdly comfortable with still eating on plan. It's the new normal, I suppose. Dairy was added on Tuesday, and MiniMe did well, but I think it may have been what caused my knee pain, which was non-existent during the 30 days. So I can deal with almond milk and having less cheese in order to keep my knee from hurting, but I'm not giving up having one Haägen Dazs bar per week and a couple of pumpkin chai lattes per week. They're worth it. Tomorrow we'll add grain (and probably in a gluten form) because it's pizza day at school and MiniMe has given up soooooo much pizza during the 30 days. And my husband is going to take me to my favorite pizza place for lunch, where I will face plant into a pepperoni pizza. But I'll only eat 2 pieces. :-) We'll likely also do white rice at dinner... sushi is one thing I've REALLY missed! Full disclosure: I found out last night that MiniMe apparently ate non-compliant items a couple of days ago. A girl in her class is having a birthday party and made it a point to tell MiniMe that she isn't being invited. Then she told her that she would invite her if MiniMe ate dirt. What. The. Hell. And to make matters worse, my otherwise strong little girl did it!! Then the girl told her she also had to eat grass, which scares me to death because they spray the grounds with weed killer. I'm so heartbroken over how this girl is treating my daughter, and disturbed by the fact that my little one would demean and endanger herself just to be accepted by that evil brat. I'll be meeting with the teacher after school today. Meanwhile, I hope MiniMe sticks to eating what I packed in her lunch ... no dirt and no grass.
  6. anyone starting Sept 11???

    At last! MiniMe and I are on Day 30! But rather than this being the end, we see it as a new beginning. I'm almost scared to go back to the real world of food. We've joked about eating cookies and drinking pumpkin spice lattes every day, but I know that all of the things we've learned about ourselves and food will keep us from doing that. The weird thing is that I think we've thrived rather than feeling deprived. it's nice to know we can have treats if we want to, but we aren't going forward and sabotaging all we've achieved. Tomorrow we add dairy, and MiniMe is so excited to have tacos (no shells) with cheese and sour cream. I've also got a gift and card to give her telling her how proud I am of her strength and resolve and thanking her for doing this with me. I seriously couldn't have done it without her. So, now we know we can go to parties and not have to stuff our faces with junk, but we can have a treat or two guilt-free. We'll eat better knowing it's possible and easy, and I'm so in love with homemade mayo I'm never going back! Most of you have one more day, and I hope we can still stick together for encouragement and support through reintroduction and beyond. I can't believe it's been just a little over a month since we all took the first step to commit to this!!! Yay!!!!
  7. anyone starting Sept 11???

    It made me laugh when @tjgett described a couple of setbacks by mindlessly popping a piece of non-compliance into her mouth because I've come so close to doing the same thing. What mom doesn't lick that little bit of peanut butter and jelly that accidentally gets onto her fingers or the plate when making the kiddos their PB&J sandwiches? Oh, come on ... you know you do! So I've had to be very mindful of that and fi
  8. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thanks for the affirmation and testimony, @madness! I have visions of MiniMe face-planting into a ginormous platter of ice cream, cookies, tacos, and A1 steak sauce. I've been trying to prepare her for the fact that, despite being compliant for 30 days, the challenge isn't over and we can't eat All The Things on Day 31. I'll be with her for each bite of reintroduction, and I hope to show her that savoring every bite of 1 or 2 cookies is every bit as satisfying as mindlessly shoving 5 or 6 into our faces. We've talked about how eating this way has made us both look and feel better, and we'd really like to stay that way. McDonalds should be reserved for when Mommy really doesn't have the time to cook, not something we do 2 or 3 times a week just because it's easy. I am sooooooo looking forward to having a pumpkin spice chai from you-know-where, but it won't be Day 31 because we're starting with dairy, not dairy AND sugar. All these life lessons about ourselves and food shall not be in vain! And on a more personal note, @madness ... I chuckled to myself when you said we had a lot in common regarding families. Oh, more than you know, Sister! I also had that same living arrangement you spoke of, so don't feel weird. Rejoice in the fact that we are good enough friends with our ex'es that we can tolerate living under the same roof. That was so many years ago for me, but I totally get it. You do what you have to do to keep your world turning, the bill collectors off your phone, and your kids happy. Sometimes that's what being a grownup is all about.
  9. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Ooops! I reread your previous post, @50andstillhere , and I see that you aren't in reintroduction phase but were a little more than halfway. I got confused because a couple of people on here started at different days but stayed for the party. (Y'all seriously make my day!) Still, it may have been a mistake because you need to go back to Day 1, but really in the grand scheme of things it was more of a learning experience. Clearly your body talked and you listened. Isn't that one if the goals of the program? So you have to go back to Day 1 ... you've got this! You've already done it for 18 days. You know you're strong enough. Keep reminding yourself "it's only 30 days" and the Halloween candy will be on sale when you're done. And truthfully, is anyone planning on going back to the old way of eating when they're done? I don't think so. We've all worked too hard and attained so much to undo it all. Even though my husband and other daughter haven't done W30 with MiniMe and me, they are still reaping the benefits in the form of having less empty calories sitting around the house and getting better dinners and than before. So really, your husband is an unwitting accomplice in this by virtue of seeing you succeed. Don't be down on yourself. Pat yourself in the back for seeing the error and taking steps to correct it. As they say, You Go Girl!!
  10. anyone starting Sept 11???

    On the contrary, @50andstillhere, that was a success and not a mistake! You're in reintroduction, right? The point of all this work and the methodic reintroduction is to see how your body reacts. And now you know that pea soup, as yummy as it is, probably isn't worth the bellyache. Now all legumes are suspect and you know to pass on the beans when you hit that amazing Mexican restaurant with your husband and friends. That's a win! Now, a moment of silence at the loss of pea soup .... <sigh>
  11. anyone starting Sept 11???

    What just happened? I went to bed feeling tired but not exhausted, and I did my usual Sudoku game on the Nintendo to finish off my day. Normally I fall asleep while playing it, but not this time. I played until the charge on the battery wore down, which was around midnight, but I still wasn't tired enough to sleep. I tried mind relaxation exercises and think I maybe dozed off for about 20 minutes, but I didn't fall fast asleep until 2 am. I wasn't sure how I'd react to the 6 am alarm, but I woke up feeling fine and pressed the snooze a couple of times just to see if I needed the extra few minutes. Nope! Could this possibly be the tiger blood of which they speak??? I don't exactly feel like I could conquer the world, but I got my corner of the world squared away and off to school, I don't have the need to crawl back under the covers, and I have zero aches or pains this morning ... something new for me! Ummm ... victory? OK, let's not get carried away. I still don't feel like doing the dishes.
  12. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Finally! My gut feels like it isn't all jacked up!! MiniMe was complaining of a tummy ache yesterday, and it just now dawned on me that she might be consuming too much apple juice in the form of popsicles. They had a jog-a-thon at school Friday and they always pass out popsicles with high fructose corn syrup in them afterward (never allowed for either of my children), so I froze apple juice and took that to her. Then she had another one after school. Ooops! The urge to take a bite of something non-compliant has hit me for the first time, and it's been tough. But MiniMe and I talk about it and the feeling passes. But I feel like I'm light years behind the rest of you because I just had my first food dream last night! It was Day 25 in my dream, and Nana and Papa were taking care of the girls and took them to McDonalds. I went inside and there was MiniMe with 3 partially eaten burgers, a pancake, and a buttermilk bar (I guess the McDonalds of my dreams sells donuts). To her credit, the buns, pancake, and donut only had little nibbles, but still ... a nibble is a nibble!! I was so upset that we were going to have to start over when we were so close to the end. Like @HopingtoHeal , I'm curious about your reintroduction plans. I'm super worried because when MiniMe and I talk about it, she wants to eat all the things in the first hour of Day 31. I am scared to death of undoing all the good that's been done with her. I seriously have had so many people ask what we've been doing with her because she looks great. I feel like maybe I sabotaged her unintentionally by making concessions because she's a child, such as allowing compliant snacks, making breakfast smoothies with compliant ingredients, and having some foods set aside as "special" for her to take to parties and so forth. Food is such a social thing, and I didn't want her to be singled out when she wasn't going with the norm. As it was, the other kids were jealous that she got a different popsicle after the jog-a-thon, and she gets the 3rd degree every time she turns down a class treat (Why are there so damn many birthdays in September?). She doesn't make a big deal of it, and I thank a vegan friend for that who has modeled appropriate behavior for a different eating lifestyle. So we've agreed that we will continue to be W30 compliant 5 days a week and will be "mostly compliant" on the other 2 days, which won't be back to back. We have both developed some other tastes, so hopefully that will keep us both on the right path. And hopefully sling the way we've tamed Sissy's sugar dragon! Daddy is a whole other story though. He cooks like crap though, so he's still stuck with what I make for dinner. LOL!
  13. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Oh, @HopingtoHeal, what a tough time for you! It truly is heartbreaking when you want a child so badly and everyone else around you is having them and all you read about in the news is people who have abandoned or abused their sweet babies. I hope you and your husband will soon be able to come to peace with a decision and have success with it. My husband and I decided to foster and adopt our two (I do have a biological child from my first marriage, who is now an amazing adult contributor to society), and while it admittedly isn't the same as experiencing giving birth, it is still an awesome honor to be called their mother.
  14. anyone starting Sept 11???

    @KarliGrace- That is so amazing!! I'm really excited for your sister! I'm not even going to try on "that" pair of pants until Day 31. But for her to have done it this early and succeed... exciting!!! @tjgett, you are so lucky that your husband is so supportive and handy in the kitchen. The only thing my husband can make in the kitchen is a mess. If I ever get really sick or go out of town, my children will subsist on donuts and McDonalds. @Bischa- Thank you so much for support and advice and for taking the time and trouble to post those links. I promise I will get around to reading them all. To answer your question, the primary focus of embarking on this adventure was to reset the cravings of MiniMe and myself and get her pediatrician off my back. We both crave so much junk, and it was clear that our weight issues wouldn't go away on their own. This seemed like a smart idea because it was "only 30 days", which helped me sell it to her as a challenge but, as we are all figuring out, it will impact our lives for much longer. She and I have already agreed that we don't mind eating this way on a more permanent basis, and we will continue the W30 food choices five days a week. The other two days will be "mostly compliant", but if we want pizza or a cookie on those days, by golly we'll have it and enjoy it guilt-free. I've done extensive research on how food, and particularly additives, can impact ADHD, and I have cut out a great deal of gluten in Sissy's diet in ways she doesn't really notice, such as with her pasta, which has produced some marginal results. There are other factors that contribute to her behavior including Sensory Processing Disorder, learning disabilities, and she was exposed to meth while her birth mother was pregnant with her. The problem with her and food is that she has the opposite problem that MiniMe does and is a skinny mini, partly because she has a lack of appetite because of some of the medication she's on and partly because of her high-functioning metabolism. She also gets on these cycles where she only wants to eat a certain food. Her current choice is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Even so, she is indirectly participating in the Whole 30 program because we all eat basically the same dinner, but sometimes she and Daddy get rice or pasta (and that darn peanut butter and jelly sandwich!) that MiniMe and I don't have. She also hasnt been getting anywhere near as much fast food or sweets as she used to get. So she is definitely reaping the benefits without knowing it. However, she doesn't "get" it like MiniMe does. Whereas Sissy eats whatever whenever without much thought, MiniMe has become more cognizant of additives and identifying the components of food ("Oh, I can't have taco shells because they're made from corn and that's a grain."), and its almost like a game to her to figure out if something is compliant or not. She is also enjoying learning how to cook these things and even though she can barely reach the stove and needs more practice in keeping the eggshells from getting into the eggs (Mmmm! Nothing like crunchy scrambled eggs!), she is expanding her horizons by trying new foods she wouldn't dream of touching before. Then there's Daddy. He made it clear from the start he isn't participating, and I made it clear from the start he isn't sabotaging. He eats the compliant dinners (modified to include pasta, rice, and other no-no's), but he snarfs down pizza, cereal, cookies, and other temptations in front of me daily. Seriously the only reason he is still alive is because he doesn't do it in front of MiniMe and I refuse to go to prison for murder. Last night I made some burger patties, and then I used the fat from the meat to saute some spinach and mushrooms. It sounds gross, but this just may be my newest favorite dinner!
  15. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Wow! @JM775 I hadn't thought of the impact on the heart rate, but it makes sense! It's getting to the end of the month and money is getting tight (husband and I both took early retirement to be with the kiddos), so I've been trying to be frugal with purchases. I got a great deal on ground beef yesterday, and luckily we have several markets that have nice, low price produce ... especially bananas. Eggs are crazy expensive in California, so we hadn't used them much before W30. I was shocked when we were in Michigan a couple of times this past year and they were considered "expensive" at 68 cents a dozen! We pay triple that in CA. So this week's dinners will be chili, zuppa toscana (plus spaghetti for Sissy and Daddy), grilled chicken over kale, "taco salad" (really just seasoned meat on a bed of shredded lettuce), coconut curry chicken, and eggs. Other suggestions are welcome! I suddenly understand what all of you Empty Nesters are talking about. Mini-Me and Sissy were at a birthday party/slumber party last night, and I had the whole house to myself. It was sooooo hard not to keep running to the kitchen for snacks!! I ended up sipping a cup of mint tea while reading the Whole 30'cookbook. Even so, I'm sure it eas more challenging for Mini-Me. I made all of her food ahead of time and packed a bag full of snacks for her to have while the others munched on popcorn, cake, chips, and all the other stuff she can't have. I even made a watermelon ice for her to have something special while the others had cake and ice cream. We've made it through 2 weeks and today is Day 15 (we started 9/10). Woo hoo! Halfway through!
  16. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Homemade mayonnaise is the bomb. That is all.
  17. anyone starting Sept 11???

    <Oops! Accidentally hit "send" before I was done!> There has been way more drama with the girls' cheer squad and coach than I need, and I'm very sad because both the girls and I are losing friends over it. Here's a life tip: If people say they want to know what you think, don't fall for it! We have also started an intensive in-home behavioral therapy program for Sissy, who has ADHD. The therapists come 3 days a week (they wanted 4!), so there's another thing to pile onto the already packed day. I had the most horrendous amount of clutter clearing to do because, like my weight, I let that get away from me. I had given up on all but the basics of caring for my home because I would get so exasperated when I saw the damage that Sissy has caused (she's 9). Still, I think that getting the eating in order is helping me see how everything else in life will follow if I exert a little effort. Our downstairs is now spit spot in order, and I got a TON of cardio running stuff out to the trash and recycle bins. And the stairs!! Up and down at least a hundred times to put toys back into the playroom from which they had escaped. Yikes, I may have engaged in a TMI session here, and I hope I didn't scare anyone. But I look at this and think about what a difference the past 12 days have been. Mini-Me continues to make me proud. She is sooooo strong, and I honestly would not be this resolute without her. A classmate passed out cupcakes to celebrate a birthday yesterday, and she turned it down. BOOM! She's was sparring in her Kenpo karate class yesterday and was much quicker and mire on point than she's been in a while. Her instructor noticed and I told him about how hard she has been sticking to W30. He was totally impressed. Then Sissy went up to him and said that she was going to miss out on ice cream at the 4H meeting tonight. He told her, "No, she's getting healthy. She's not missing out on anything." Today will be spent making dips, mayonnaise, dressings, and seasoning mixes for the next week. That's my happy place! Stay strong, fellow W30 warriors!
  18. anyone starting Sept 11???

    @KarliGrace - Wow!! That's a stressful load! A move and a teething infant. I bow to you. This past week has kicked my stress-filled booty. The eating plan has been the least of my worries, and in fact I think maybe it helped me face some of the challenges better. I know for sure I didn't grab a bag of Mint Milanos to console myself, so I'd say that's a win! There has been way more drama with the girls' cheer squad and coach
  19. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Oh my gosh, that sounds heavenly, @Sytera! Can you pack my next game picnic for me??? I'm team Mom for cheer, which means I take care of all the snacks. I keep things relatively healthy anyway, usually a fruit (unsweetened applesauce or a banana), a juice box, and a crunchy "goodie" like a small bag of vanilla wafers, flavored rice cakes, or something similar. Of course there's always water. Anything that doesn't stain the uniforms! MIniMe barely noticed the difference because she had her iced green tea with mint and got a snack bag of freeze dried strawberries and bananas. Nobody else noticed she was eating differently either, which was nice. Then some mom came over with a ginormous bag of candy, and the cheer coach tackled her in a way that rivaled what was going on at the field. LOL! Dinner was meh. I made salisbury steak meatballs and put it on mashed potatoes for MiniMe and me and on noodles for Daddy and Sissy. Neither child was impressed, so we're crossing that off the list. I had to run out to the grocery store last night. My husband said he knows that they aren't on my diet, but could I pick him up some cookies. Yes, he's still alive. I got the last laugh though because ants invaded his package of cookies. Karma can be so cruel. Something I've noticed is that for as much sugar as I used to eat, I don't really miss it. When I see something tempting, I remind myself it'll be here after thirty days. Still, I'm not feeling very deprived. In fact, I feel like we're getting more than we're giving up. Sissy isn't on the diet, but she has scaled way back on her sugar intake, we're saving money by not eating out so much, and one of teachers at school today asked my husband if MiniMe lost weight because she was looking thinner. Yowza! And we're just barely over a week into this!
  20. anyone starting Sept 11???

    So sorry to hear about your pups, @MegT90. That's such a helpless feeling. Things have been relatively easy for me until today. We're at a neighbor's birthday BBQ. Let me explain what this means; the best damn food in California, and MiniMe and I can't have any of it! I marinaded some meat to throw on the grill for us, but the appetizers and desserts couldn't be any more tortuous. Bacon wrapped stuffed jalepenos, stuffed mushrooms, amazing homemade chips and salsa, homemade potato salad, cake, ice cream, and a plethora of drinks that must not touch our lips. MiniMe has perfected my stink eye as she saw the spread of temptation before us. She and I made a plan and discussed what we'd do before we even went over. We were talking about the salsa, and MiniMe came up with the idea of taking romaine lettuce leaves and dipping them instead of chips! That child is so strong and resolute. I came thiiiis close to speaking one of those stuffed jalepenos, but then I thought about everything she has given up this week and I walked away from the platter. We brought a fruit platter full of things we're allowed to have, and we head for that each time we want something else. I know we aren't supposed to snack, but this is helping us through. We brewed some green tea with mint this morning and iced it so the other drinks aren't so interesting to us. We're managing, and it isn't the end of the world. But I made my neighbor promise to make stuffed jalepenos for me on Day 31.
  21. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Good morning! I think. I seriously hope that the heads of my family are W30 compliant because I bit them all off yesterday. Every. Single. One. Even MiniMe got a taste of Mommy on the rampage. Good thing there was no added sugar. So @Margot ... I feel your pain! Let's hope today is better for everyone's sake. We had chili last night (my recipe but total compliance). Everyone had two helpings! I love @tjgett's idea of putting it over mashed potatoes. Thanks! I sure hope y'all who've told me that shopping gets easier are right because... duhn duhn duhnnnn ... I have to go today. Bleah. Wishing all of you folks an enjoyenjoyable, fulfilling, and successful day! Stay strong!
  22. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 3 is in the books, and dinner was challenging because we have to all eat at different times. But I made some coconut chicken curry that was pretty bomb-diggety (if I do say so myself) and portioned it out over rice for Daddy and Sissy and riced cauliflower for MiniMe and me, and we ate when we needed to. Sissy isn't a fan of curry, but she took one for the team yesterday. It's so motivating to read about everyone's struggles and achievements, and a couple of people have posted some nice meal ideas. I also love that we have everything from new moms to empty nesters and couch potatoes <raises hand> to marathon runners. My biggest issue is information overload. So many rules, so many things to read, and oh don't get me started on the shopping. I almost cried a couple of days ago as I sat in the aisle of the grocery store surrounded by cans of coconut milk and various soup stocks trying to read the teensie weensie writing and getting so frustrated. Why oh why is there so much added sugar, sulfites, etc?????? I finally found what I needed, but I came to the realization that I can never again send my husband to the store to pick something up for me. His head will explode. And I absolutely can't make my own stock because I'm totally grossed out by bones. I eat meat, but only boneless cuts. Watching someone eat ribs off the bone is thoroughly disgusting to me, so yeah ... no homemade chicken or beef stock is coming from this girl's kitchen! On the other hand, I'm finding that the homemade sauces, dips, and condiments are really quite tasty, and I enjoy making them. Here's to another day of healthy eating. Hopefully the tired bug will leave you alone. It hasn't caught up to me yet ... fingers crossed anyway. Stay strong!!
  23. Both of my adopted daughters have the same bio-mom but different bio-dads, so therein starts the problem with my 7 year old; both of her bio-parents are very overweight, and she has always been "tubby". We have had her tested for anything and everything that might be causing her weight issues, we've been to a nutritionist, she is incredibly active (dance, cheer, karate, and vigorous outside play for over 15 hours per week), and she eats less junk than her much thinner older sister, but she's 89 pounds at 7 years old. She's comfortable in her skin, but I worry about the health and social issues that may come up for her as she gets older. I'm also sick of getting the third degree from her doctor at every checkup. Other than her weight, she is incredibly healthy (didn't miss a single day of school in kindergarten or 1st grade and just started 2nd). I feel like we're fighting genetics but decided to try Whole30 with her to maybe reset her cravings for carbs and sugar (and mine). Since I can stand to lose a pound or 50, I told her that it's my diet so she wouldn't feel targeted. She agreed to be my eating buddy because there's nothing she likes better than a good challenge! We have been making lists of what we can and can't have and are developing a meal plan to keep us on track. My husband and other daughter have been told they don't have to participate, but they can't sabotage! I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'm scared about the reactions our bodies might have as they "detox". I'm an adult and can suck it up, but she's a little kid and has to go to school and all of the aforementioned activities. I'm praying we will both be strong enough to keep each going with our mantra, "It's just 30 days"!
  24. anyone starting Sept 11???

    No hangover here, although I felt queasy yesterday. But you're probably right that you unknowingly may have added things that make your body feel bad and now your body is detoxing. Between that and the blood draw, your body is probably just pouting and trying to show you who's boss. This too shall come to pass. It's only day 3 for MiniMe and me, so maybe it'll take us longer before the detox really hits. One thing I'm kind of weirded out about is that I don't really feel more energetic. Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. Hang in there!
  25. anyone starting Sept 11???

    No! I had no idea such a thing existed! Thanks for the tip and the other suggestions you offered. I know she'll love the kale chips, but I failed miserably on my first attempt at making them. I've got 28 more days to keep practicing. LOL!