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    It's the new one "Ready or Not". I haven't made much from it yet but it's a fun read and has a lot of whole30 recipes.
  2. fairedog


    Hi everyone, it's day 9 for me! So far I haven't had any cravings/headaches/tiger blood. I feel pretty normal. Hardest part for me has been staying away from beer and all the cooking/prep work needed. The only thing I've "craved" so far has been the ability to buy pre-made food so I don't have to cook! =) On the plus side I've gotten to use my new NomNomPaleo cookbook and it inspired me to clean and organize the kitchen. The most important thing I've learned so far is to always be prepping. In other words, every time I have the cutting board out for any reason I take the time to cut up more/different vegetables than needed for the recipe. It saves time later when I'm in a hurry and need to throw something together.
  3. fairedog

    Help please! What questions do I ask?

    Thanks everyone. I asked the girl if they could grill the chicken in olive oil instead of butter and she said yes, however, I think they just grilled it with butter like they normally do. At least it tasted more like it had butter on it than olive oil. It was Hooters so I'm not surprised. I asked the girl for balsamic vinegar the first time and she brought me blue cheese. I asked for it again and she brought me Heinz Malt Vinegar, (for fish and chips). The third time she brought me standard vinaigrette so I gave up and ate my salad dry. I also took a supplement this morning called CholestOff which is plant sterols that help lower cholesterol, however, it had Soy Lecithin in it so between that and Hooters most likely cooking the chicken in butter I guess I will just start over. At least it's only my third day....
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    First Whole30 Complete!

    Congratulations! I've been in the same rut you were in for a while, late-night drinking, poor sleep, then can't get out of bed in the morning. I finally tired of it and started my Whole 30 just so that I wouldn't drink for a month. Your story is inspiring, I'm looking forward to completing my journey in 27 days!
  5. Um, no. Sorry but black coffee doesn't really taste good to me so I use the French Vanilla nutpods to cut some of the bitterness. That doesn't mean I like all the sweet and creamy additions, it just means I prefer my coffee a little differently than you do.
  6. fairedog

    Help please! What questions do I ask?

    Thanks. I've read the pdf but it's so general that it's not really helpful. I guess I'll just have to ask how they grill the chicken and hope the server is correct.
  7. I'm having lunch with my Uncle tomorrow at Hooters, (he loves the wings and I certainly don't mind the atmosphere :). I looked online for their nutritional info and found a grilled chicken salad, however, everything listed on the menu basically says it contains soy and milk due to possible cross-contamination. My question is, is it normal to grill chicken with something that is non-compliant? I'm afraid the chicken may be marinated or brushed with canola oil. I'm planning on calling tomorrow before we go but was hoping you W30 vets out there could let me know what I should be asking about. If I have to start over I'm not too concerned since tomorrow is only day 3, but I'd rather not if I can help it. Thanks!
  8. fairedog

    Starting July 17

    Congrats! 11 pounds is good. =)
  9. fairedog

    Early September W30 start

    5th time? Wow! I started yesterday on my first. I'm looking forward to hopefully losing some bloat.
  10. fairedog

    Started today (W30R1D1)

    Hi everyone, I prepped a ton of roasted veggies and chicken yesterday so I'm off to a good start. My goal is to make prepping a habit so that after the whole 30 I will continue to bring my lunch every day. I don't expect to have any sugar cravings since I don't eat sugar now. My two Achilles's heels are alcohol and eating out. The former will be hard for a few days but I know from experience after the first week I'll stop wanting a drink, the latter will be hard all 30 days. I cook and eat healthy at home, but my schedule often keeps me away from home at the dinner hour so eating out happens fairly often. Guess we'll see how it goes! =)