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  1. ciria

    Dairy Re-Introduction Disaster

    Frozen yogurt has always done a number on me, especially after I went paleo. I was so confused as to why and then I looked at the website for one of those places...holy crapola! Now I hate taking my kids there, but they love the rare treat so much. I wish we could trust something that seems so simple as frozen "yogurt"!
  2. Me too!! I was just thinking this this morning. First glas was guh-ross so I poured the rest in my mom's glass which she happily consumed. Second glas was an actual good wine and I enjoyed it, but it just made me feel dehydrated. This morning I was totally dehydrated and feel stuffy. What a bummer, but I guess a good thing. For a long while, before whole 30, when I was offered sweets or non healthy foods, I would weigh if it was worth it in my mind or not before I accepted or declined. Sometimes a beautiful dessert at a lovely celebration was worth it! Now it seems alcohol will be the same for it should! Especially because it was ALWAYS worth it before...
  3. I know! Is it bad that I prefer my wine over dairy or anything else? I feel fine without them and I'm definitely not missing them too much...but the wine...the wine! I might try non-gluten grains a few days down the road, but we'll see.
  4. ciria

    should i stick with it?

    Interesting. Ever since I went paleo I started spotting about about 3 days before my actual period. I wonder what's up with that...? As for the alcohol, I plan to have a drink here and there and otherwise stick to the plan. So I may have a whole 7 here and a wohole10 there, or however it pans out.
  5. Personally, I'm putting wine at the top of the list and will maybe look at the others if & when Im ready.
  6. ciria

    Pre-workout meal... At 5 am?!?

    What a difference this morning!! Again, thanks for the ideas!!
  7. ciria

    Any hope for this menu?

    The salmon was OK. Wish I would have gone for the pork. Next time...and next time I might enjoy a glass of wine too
  8. ciria

    Any hope for this menu?

    I've had pork like three days in a row. Just saw the salmon w the dry rub. Might try that.
  9. In all honesty, I've been avoiding going out to eat. Today is a fundraiser for my son's school at this restaurant. Seems like its all coated in sugar...or am I being paranoid? I'm on day 26 today and don't want to ruin it!
  10. ciria

    Pre-workout meal... At 5 am?!?

    I also tend to workout on an empty stomach, well except for coffee. Thanks for the ideas, I'll try coconut milk with my coffee and some cashews next time.
  11. Interesting.
  12. ciria


    So if we had green ones and hold on to them for a while, they'll ripen to red?
  13. ciria

    Facial Skincare Routines?

    Does this method also remove make up or do you have to use something extra for that?
  14. Just out of curiosity, how much are they at WF? They were 6 something at Windmill Farms, but I thought I remembered them being way more when they were at Sprouts.
  15. I brought up the idea of buying half a cow with our tax return to my husband and his answer was... "what if there's a power outage?". Not that it happens all that often, but the idea of all that money going down the tubes freaks me out. San Diego had a full day outage a couple of years ago...what's your plan for your meat if you lose power? Talk me out of worrying about it!