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  1. Tennessun

    Whole30 #1 in the books!

    I finished my Whole30 last Thursday and doing the slow roll on the introduction! Honestly, I'm planning on living Whole30 with minor modifications from here on out. I feel great! I started doing this because I was diagnosed with arthritis two months shy of my 40th birthday. I thought the program could help in two ways -- reduce inflammation and help me get rid of the extra 30 lbs I've been carrying around which isn't helping my knees! 4 days in, I could sit crossed leg on the floor for the first time in 6 months. And a month later, I'm down 12.5 lbs too! Thanks Whole30 -- I will be back!
  2. Tennessun

    Rhythm Superfoods?

    So, I travel quite a bit and find myself relying on nuts or fruits from Starbucks a lot. While I know ALL chips are verboten, the Rhythm snacks seem to check all boxes for acceptability - the beets are literally just beets. What do folks think? Is it too slippery a slope?
  3. Hi! I'm 28 days into my Whole30 -- the first 10 days went slow but now I can't believe I'm almost done and am considering just continuing and only reintroducing when something of interest presents itself (like a glass of champagne on my anniversary for example). Has anyone taken this approach? It's kind of like the slow roll but less planful. Thanks! Tennessun