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  1. Is there a way to make clarified butter without cheesecloth? I would prefer not to have to throw it out every two me I make it.
  2. JanellaR

    Protein Powder?

    Interesting. I'll have to keep some of these ideas in mind. My husband (56 years old) has always struggled with being underweight, and nothing has ever helped.
  3. JanellaR


    Thsnk you. I'll be making a lot of the recipes. I eat pretty "clean" as it is (other than my Starbucks and my macaron addictions - thank God the Midnight Mint Mocha frapp is no longer available!!). I haven't had time or energy to do a pantry/kitchen rehaul in just a few days, so I know there's sneaky things like cornstarch, chocolate, and such. I have very little in the way of processed foods, and none of my canned or frozen stuff has sugar or other evil things. I really should get my hubby on board as well to be really successful, and not spring a "we're doing Whole30 starting tomorrow" on him. Good luck! I will be here, following, learning, and encouraging! Melissa's two new books will be out for January, too.
  4. JanellaR

    Veggie or fruit?

    I love cucumber and celery! They add a nice crunch to salad, and I adore celery in soups.
  5. JanellaR

    Veggie or fruit?

    Yes, I've learned my lesson and am leaving that group! At least I have a skeptical nature, and don't believe everything I read.
  6. JanellaR


    I've decided this morning to commit to a full Whole30 in January, which will give me plenty of prep time. We're in the midst of preparations to go up and close on a second home in Idaho, and be there for a couple of months settling in, spending time with grandkids, etc. I will be doing a dairy elimination, for September. I'm all in for that, plus cutting everything else as much as possible, just not going to worry if I trip up.
  7. JanellaR


    Thank you! I've never followed any kind of plan or program or diet before, so I have no idea how I'll do with all of the restrictions. I'm much too busy getting ready for a move (closing on a second home in another state), so I don't think it's the best time for a full commitment to the W30 just yet. Planning on it for January, though - and it gives me plenty of time to prep! I'm thinking of having my husband so some reading so we can do it together. He's got GI issues I'm hoping W30 can help with. I'm thinking of doing a dairy elimination in September, as Melissa describes in Food Freedom Forever. I've often wondered if I have issues with dairy. At least I can "practice" for a complete Whole30 later!
  8. How coconutty does it taste? I'm not a huge fan of coconut milk.
  9. JanellaR

    Veggie or fruit?

    I think I'll stick around here rather than FB since it will be my first Whole30.
  10. JanellaR

    Veggie or fruit?

    Thank you for the clarification!
  11. JanellaR

    Veggie or fruit?

    I was told on a FB group that tomatoes, squash, and cucumber are fruit, and should be eaten accordingly (smaller amount on the plate than veggies). I can't seem to find anything in The Whole30 book or anywhere else that says this.
  12. JanellaR


    I'm thinking of participating in the September W30 as well, although I decided this a couple of days ago. I've been contemplating it for a couple of years, but have never gone through with it. I think I'm afraid of failing, which is the story of my life. But I'm 80# overweight, have thyroid issues, asthma, possible sleep apnea, and overwhelming fatigue. No time like the present, I guess!