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  1. Homemade & Easy Vegetable + Beef Soup

    Thanks for posting! Easy, economical and tastey!
  2. Dinner potatos negatively affecting sleep?

    Notes from my journal: DAY7: slept a little less, but feeling good. (This means I slept slightly less between Day 6 & 7) Pooping less. (Not concerned) B: 2-3 eggs scrambled with ghee , 4 bacon, asparagus. 2 cups coffee + almond milk. L: chicken salad (home made mayo, Granny Smith apple, pecans,) carrots, string beans D: filet mignon, large baked white potato, ghee, salad, homemade ranch, balsamic marinated mushrooms 3.5 mile hike, plus a busy day.
  3. One of my primary goals for doing W30 is better sleep. Typically, I fall asleep easily for 2-3 hours, then wake several times in the night. Once I wake up after the first round of sleep, I feel I'm restless -- a lot of tossing & turning. My diet wasn't terrible prior W30, so week 1 has been drama-free. My sleep improved dramatically on Days 3-5 --- no tossing & turning! I felt I was actually getting restful sleep. (No potatos at all on those first days) Day 6, I had my first 1/2 a sweet potato at dinner -- sleep quality went down a smidge. Day 7 was my birthday, so we had steak, a large white baked potato with ghee, mushrooms and a salad with W30 ranch. Yumm-o! Except.....crappy sleep, back 100% to my old ways of toss & turning during the night. Has anyone experienced sleep disturbance from "fast acting" carbs at night? Of course I'm planning on removing any type of potato for a couple days to see what happens.
  4. Coconut flour is on the approved list, but I'm wondering how much is too much in a single meal? I made carrot patties with egg & coconut flour last night and they felt totally decadent! 1 serving had 1.5 tablespoons of coconut flour. Does that seem "legal?" Trying to not sabatoge myself.