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  1. Stomach/GI pain during Whole30

    Thank you! I've probably only had two meals that included raw salad greens in the past 11 days, and I've cut out nuts. I just ate my lunch (the nuggets with cooked spinach and potato) and felt some slightly sharp twinges (like getting poked with a needle), but they were not nearly as bad as ones from the past few days. I had no issues with the fruit this morning (cherries and watermelon).
  2. I am on Day 11 of my first Whole30, along with my boyfriend. The first few days were really rough; prior to this my diet was definitely heavy with refined grains (pasta, white rice, etc) and included way too much sugar. I definitely had "carb flu" from Day 1-4 where I felt discomfort, but no pain. But then, starting about Day 5 I started to experience something odd--after certain meals, I started to experience sharp, knife-like pains that caused me to double over about 15-20 minutes after I began eating. The first time it happened I was eating a Sweetgreen salad (Day 5: romaine, Steelhead trout, almonds, sweet potato, apple, balsamic vinegar). The next time it happened was on Day 8, when I felt extremely nauseous and had stomach pain after eating a lettuce-wrapped beef burger with homemade mayo and raw onion. Up until this day I had been eating fruit and scrambled eggs for breakfast every day, usually a meat (pork, chicken, or beef) and roasted vegetables for lunch (lots of sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, carrots), and typically meat or fish (pork, chicken, or salmon), potatoes (regular or sweet), and roasted vegetables cooked with ghee. During the day I would eat carrots or nuts if I got to the point between meals where I was starving (which happened more in the first week and slowed down). After the second day of pain, I cut out eggs to see if that helped. Day 9 I experienced the sharp pain after eating three handfulls of nuts, so I decided to cut out nuts for a few days. I still felt pain after eating the same Sweetgreen salad that day as above, minus the almonds and replacing the Steelhead with chicken), but for dinner that night I had salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, and broccoli and felt fine. On Day 10 I had fruit for breakfast, and beef ragu over butternut squash noodles for lunch; after about 15 bites I started to feel the sharp pains again and had to stop eating. A few hours later I still had residual pain but was able to eat some carrots. For dinner, I had some Dr. Praeger's spinach and potato dino nuggets (the ones for kids, but hell, I'd just gone to the dentist and half my face was numb--I was not up to going to go to the store to get more groceries and cook a full meal). From about Day 5-Day 11 I've also been extremely bloated, and have been having some pretty uncomfortable digestive issues (light colored, greasy bowel movements). My boyfriend has been eating virtually the same diet as me, but has not experienced any of these side effects. Now I'm trying to cut out nuts, eggs, and fatty meats to see if that helps, but as of today all I've eaten is some cherries, watermelon, and tea, and I'm still feeling some residual stomach pangs. I spoke with my mom yesterday, and she told me that apparently she's always had issues tolerating very fatty foods. Does anyone ave ANY idea what could be causing this? I would like to be able to keep pushing through, but honestly if I end up having to eliminate a bunch of things while ON an elimination diet I'm not sure I can do it. I've never had stomach issues like this before. I am also allergic to avocado and sensitive to bananas. HELP!