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  1. Curious for you, orca_chick, I normally workout at 5:30am. Like you, the thought of eating before a workout is not appealing to me in the least. What do you do as your quick post workout meal (and meal later)? I'm starting W30 on Tuesday and trying to figure out how to finagle my mornings!
  2. Hello! I am about to start the whole30 and have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time (we're a long ways in with IVF). I've switched around pre-natals but the ones I've found that I feel are best and I tolerate are the Garden of Life once daily pre-natal. I see they have brown rice, are any of the other ingredients non-compliant? I just noticed the tapioca maltodextrin...assuming that's a no-go too. Any suggestions of great pre-natals (preferably once daily, and with folate)? I just got another bottle of 90 of these so sort of hate to buy something else, but don't want to totally thwart the whole30 for a vitamin. Thank you!