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  1. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    I've been in San Antonio visiting my daughter since last Thursday. I warned her ahead of time we were prepping and eating whole 30. Turns out her roommate eats gluten-free and dairy free so everything we cooked worked out great! I've gotten in lots of long walks and shopping. I have to really push the water though, it is very hot, and combined with the travel I have a tendency to retain water. 19 days! WhooHoo! I had no idea I had it in me! One more day here then I head back home and start prepping all over again!
  2. This group is such an inspiration to me. Day 8 is done! My doctor was the first one who suggested Whole30, but I tried it first on my own and it didn't last two days. I did however, manage to download the Whole30 book and read it, so I started eating healthier before I joined this September group. Then I found Melissa Hartwig on Instagram, and I started checking out all the people who where liking her pages, especially Whole30. I started following guest "chefs" every week, and trying out some of the recipes in the photos. They look so delicious! I have realized that sometimes they look better than they taste, but I can always find a way to add a little flavor. I still need to plan and prep better to keep the meals fresh and new. I have a kitchen pantry that used to be full of all kinds of snacks, nuts, mixes, canned goods, and jars of sauces and condiments. I noticed a few weeks ago it has very few food items in it now. I keep my sweet potatoes and onions in baskets on the shelf. A few jars of compliant foods are there, but mostly it holds the crock pot, the toaster, the blender, etc. I think I could use a bigger fridge to hold all the fresh veggies, meat and containers of prepped foods! I've spent my life taking care of others, before I took care of myself. I am trying to learn to take care of myself first, without feeling selfish. I am going to look up the podcast with Jen Hatmaker and Melissa Hartwig, and see if it inspires me. I am opening doors I've never opened before, and at this age, it is very exciting to be creating a new, happy, loving way of life for myself and those around me. Whole30 is so much more than just food, it's a journey of self-growth. I am so thankful I chose Whole30, "the road less traveled".
  3. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    @pearlgirl2017 , those both sound so good my mouth is watering. I may have to go to the store tonight and get what I need to make them tomorrow. Thank you!
  4. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hey over 50's! Day 7 is done and in the books! Ready for a great 8? I am! I have started getting tired of some of the foods I seem to be eating over and over again. I'm really going to try some of the great recipes I found on Whole30 Instagram. Cooking and cleaning up after two or three meals a day really takes some extra time, I hadn't expected that, but it is certainly worth it. Hope you are all doing well!
  5. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Hi Carla, Thank you so much for the "replies" button info. That really helps! There is something very empowering about ending day 6, and moving into 7! Wow! I am doing this! Wow! I am really going to do this! It is a good feeling to know that you have control over a part of your life that has always been such an issue. I have paid so much money to different diet groups, sometimes I even lost weight, but I always gained it back. With the Whole30 I feel like I own it, I have made the decision to make myself better, healthier, happier. Perhaps by the end of day 7 I'll start seeing some faint "tiger stripes" appearing! Carla, I worry about reintroductions after this is over, also, but it might be that I wont want to take a chance on ruining anything I worked to hard to achieve. I love wine, but I'm really loving cold water now, so if I get out and move, and drink lots of water, then a glass of wine might not sound so appealing. Evenings are my challenge, so I am starting to give myself some new goals to fill that time, like learning golf, dance classes with my husband, and bike riding together. I am beginning to feel like there is an entire life out there I have been missing because I was so tired and run down. I am no longer willing to be a bystander, I want to be in the game!
  6. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Thank you! I hope to do the same!
  7. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Here is one for you, I'm not sure how to be part of an online forum. If I venture from this page, you guys may never hear from me again. I've looked through so many tabs on the Whole30 website, but so many of the comments are sometimes years old. Finding this group, and actually finding the spot to type the reply was sheer luck. Day 5, I am still dealing with night time hunger, I actually asked myself if fish and broccoli sounded good at 8pm last night and the answer was YES! I cooked some chicken breast and ate it. I think my biggest issue is planning FULL meals and eating them spaced at appropriate meal times. I just retired a couple months ago, and I am still trying to find balance in my days with a rigid schedule like I was used too. I'm dealing with stress over an adult daughter, 15hrs away, going through some major life complications. That usually triggers eating for me. However, I told myself, life-happens, I've got to stay true to myself or what good am I to anyone else. So, I think day 5 will be fine. I am planning and shopping today to get me through the weekend. It's all a journey, we learn as we go!
  8. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    I'm 56, this is my first Whole30. I have been cleaning up my diet for a while so I think the first 4 days have not been terrible, although a two-day headache finally went away. I'm feeling good about this!
  9. Snack ideas

    I'm brand new at this. Today was hard just because don't think I understood how to properly prep for day 1. I just had two boiled eggs as a snack, even though we are not supposed to have snacks . I just figured protein was better than anything else. I had some grilled salmon and steamed veggies for supper, but by 8:30 I was so hungry. I will need to add a little more protein to my dinner from now on so I won't need an evening snack. It could be that I was also missing some of my fats for the day. I was able to stick with the program today, although I've had a headache all day. I don't think that is so unusual. Good Luck! #29moretogo