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  1. Tell me more, please! Any idea where I buy such a thing? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. It has something to do with my ears and balance. I know I can consider it Drs. orders but I'd really prefer not to, so I thought I'd ask. I mostly only absolutely need it to drive a car, so perhaps if I made sure I was only using it in those circumstances that would be okay with me. Idk. I was hoping someone would have a nifty alternative. Maybe chewing silly putty. (Lol!)
  3. Unfortunately I don't think that would meet the therapeutic purpose of the gum chewing.
  4. I have sensory processing disorder and my doctor has me chewing Spry brand gum to help with vestibular function. I'd prefer not to use gum during whole30, and am looking for others who may have experience with this. Thank you.