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  1. MmePark

    Day 30 Results

    I love everything about his post. Congrats on all your NSVs! I too was a little bummed not to have dropped more weight, but I quickly focussed on how much better I feel, and how less bloated I am. As Melissa has written, if you continue to eat well, your body composition will alter for the better, it just might take longer than 30 days. Good luck as you move forward!
  2. MmePark

    I gained a LOT in a month

    I gained so much in my 30 days. I gained self control. I gained understanding of nutrition. I gained new culinary skills. I gained self-respect. I gained a new palette. I gained a new perspective on my life. I also lost a few things. Mood swings. Energy lows. Anger. Depression. And around 10 pounds and a gut full of bloat. Thanks so much for this program, the excellent free support, and the inspiration to improve my life, inside and out.
  3. MmePark

    Started Aug 21 - anyone else?

    It's going great, @madness! I'm on day 20 here and am feeling really good. Sometimes I worry I am overeating at mealtimes, though (i am never hungry between meals). I am definitely less bloated, my clothes feel better, my moods are way more stable, I for the most part do not have cravings (though I wanted a hot chocolate this morning so badly!), and I am loving making all my food from scratch. It's hard sometimes to whip up a meal because I have three very young children and a husband who doesn't cook. I've done some batch cooking (compliant meat balls in the freezer, soups, etc.) which helps. Looking forward to the weekend so I can make up new batches of mayo, ranch, ketchup, etc!! How is your energy? I felt like I had Tiger Blood yesterday for the first time. I am more alert, feel like I actually want to exercise (haven't done that in a long time!).
  4. Thanks for the tips! I'll either sit out or bring a nice tea to keep my hands full. It seems so silly, but I hadn't thought of the option of going and NOT eating something. I have much to learn on my Food Freedom path....! I like the idea of challenging myself in this situation. I feel SO GOOD today that I am pretty sure that nothing is going to derail my determination to stop at this point. My son's birthday is on day 31, but that's another topic, I suppose!
  5. I am on my first round of Whole30, day 19 and feeling great! There's a birthday cake party at my office in a few days, and I am looking for strategies to cope. I could of course just not go, but this is a tiny office and my absence would be noticed, especially since we are celebrating the birthday of one of my employees. I don't usually snack between meals any more (thank you meat for breakfast!). The cake will be at 10 AM. Could I bring my own little whole30 compliant treat and eat that instead? I know the idea is to break up with treats for the most part, and I have done so. I don't want to backslide with one event, and I certainly don't want to trap myself in a tough situation (I have already sat out of work social events this month so I wouldn't be tempted). Should I bring a fruit salad with coconut cream snack or something desert-like for myself? Or is that really breaking with the whole point of this month? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!
  6. MmePark

    Started Aug 21 - anyone else?

    Hi! I started August 20, so day 13 here! I am with you! Yesterday I read on this forum that we should be aiming for 2-3 cups of veg per meal. I definitely wasn't getting that much. Today I am feeling so FULL! And maybe finally over the hump. Feel like my metabolism is jump started.