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  1. Started today! Whole 60

    well done. I am on day 10 and finding it much easier than I thought. Inspired by a work colleague and she has helped me a great deal.
  2. Games night

    Last night our community had a games night. I ate before I went. Took a black currant with coconut milk to sip. I told all I could not indulge in the cookies etc. stuck to it had a little bit of watermelon. Proud that I could have a fun night and not cheat.
  3. Starting to feel better

    So technically I am on day 7 although day 6 on site. I have been enjoying my food. I did have the headaches on day 3. Apart from stomach cramps which I think is due to not having a gall bladder I am doing well. I have to thank a work colleague for getting me on this program. Have bought many books but not read This is the first i weighed in at 224lbs and the hardest thing is not weighing in every day. I can feel my body slowly going down If I can do this so can you
  4. First day down

    Really today is my second day as I could not find where to sign up for commitment each day. I am enjoying cooking new recipes. Have prepared salmon and salad for lunch tomorrow. I did not snack at all so pleased with the start.
  5. Starting today

    So ready to start today. Have cleared my cupboards and my mind to do this