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    MSJMG got a reaction from GEva in Started today! Whole 60   
    well done.  I am on day 10 and finding it much easier than I thought. Inspired by a work colleague and she has helped me a great deal. 
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    Last night our community had a games night.  I ate before I went.   Took a black currant with coconut milk to sip.  I told all I could not indulge in the cookies etc. stuck to it had a little bit of watermelon.  
    Proud that I could have a fun night and not cheat.  
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    MSJMG got a reaction from GEva in Started today! Whole 60   
    well done.  I am on day 10 and finding it much easier than I thought. Inspired by a work colleague and she has helped me a great deal. 
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    MSJMG reacted to KTH1010 in #SeptemberWhole30   
    Hi I'm starting today!
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    I hope this didn't happen to anyone else, but I was traveling over the holiday weekend for a family wedding and ended up getting sick on Friday night. In addition the wedding (very simple/casual) was only serving BBQ and mac-n-cheese! I was unprepared to bring my own food since I was out of town, and ended up crashing and burning. I'm starting over today with renewed excitement despite the lingering cold! Keep up the good work all!
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    MSJMG reacted to Aurora Blue in #SeptemberWhole30   
    Hi all, I'm starting my 2nd round tomorrow. I did my 1st round a few months ago due to chronic IBS. I had some benefits like sleeping better, strong nails etc but not much relief from my stomach issues so switched to the low FODMAP version for the last 10 days which gave some relief. So this time I'm doing completely low FODMAP and am hoping for some tiger blood this time 
    Super excited to be starting again as the food freedom was the biggest benefit I got and I've slightly fallen off the wagon lately.
    Hope you're all getting on well whatever day you are on!
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    MSJMG reacted to crkohring in #SeptemberWhole30   
    I'm technically starting today, instead of September 1st, but I'm looking for people to chat with! My Whole30 will be from Sept. 3rd-Oct. 2nd, just in time for my birthday weekend!
    This is a restart for me. I attempted my first Whole30 on August 12th. One week in I forgot what I was doing and absentmindedly ate a small muffin... so originally I was going to add 7 extra days to my Whole30, but then 3 weeks in I ate some cashews with peanut oil (didn't read the label first, learned my lesson!), so I realized I just need to start over, give my best effort, and see this through. I'm not disappointed in starting over because I'm happy with my results so far and I'm excited to see what the next 30 days have in store.
    Cheers everyone!
    - Catalina
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    MSJMG reacted to Lunarose in Starting today!   
    So, day 4 - one of the hardest days according to the timeline and I am feeling it! I still haven't had any headaches or food cravings, but my anxiety is through the roof  The anxiety isn't even about food, more just life stuff. I am hoping it passes soon! Also turns out this first week is coinciding with my PMS so, yeah. Trying to stay focused and on track with meals, I am definitely experiencing some loss of appetite, which is probably due to said anxiety.  
    I printed out the whole 30 calendar and put it on my fridge, so I can mark it off each day at the end of the day with a large red X. And I signed up for the daily newsletter. These have helped a lot for me with staying motivated!  How are y'all doing?? Feeling the sugar dragon yet??
    Even though I'm struggling right now, I still feel determined! 
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    MSJMG reacted to SugarcubeOD in #SeptemberWhole30   
    How about just tell him that you're doing an elimination diet to see how food affects you and one of the big things you have to avoid is grains and that you appreciate the offer (assuming you do) but you don't want the amazing food to go to waste so you'll politely decline.  Don't beat around the bush, just be polite and firm about it.  And if he keeps offering daily, tell him that you again appreciate the offer but you're going to say no for the next 30 days and you'd be happy to use a roll or other day old item on day 31 to test grains but could he please stop asking because youre going to keep saying no and you don't want to fail so he can help you be successful by stopping offering.
    And to put it in perspective for when days get hard (cause they will), your health is worth more than a day old roll... you sell them for what, 95 cents?  Half price for day old would be 50 cents... on that hard day, please don't sell out your health for 50 cents