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  1. Day 16 and sick

    Day 16! I really started feeling good last week and was looking forward to all the energy I would have this week. Then, I got hit with a bad head cold. So I've been exhausted for days and am ready for a nap already this morning. I have homemade soup for lunch with broth, lots of veggies and chicken. I've read the "feed a cold" article and am doing my best. I'm still eating 3 meals a day and tried to get as much rest over the weekend as possible. Honestly, I'm just mad that this cold is getting in the way of when I should be feeling great! I haven't exercised in a week which isn't feeling good either. I'll take any advice anyone has to get this cold moving along quickly and to feel better. Any specific herbal teas that anyone likes? Any meals to help with energy? Thanks for any suggestions you have!
  2. Help! I just screwed up

    For what it's worth, I did almost the exact same thing last night. I ate a small noodle when cooking pasta for my kids. My husband and I were eating the same meal but used zucchini noodles for ours. I didn't even think about it until I was sitting at the table and it just hit me! I ate a noodle to make sure it was done! Darnit!! I've read the "should I start over" and made the decision for myself not to. I WILL be more cautious when cooking (my husband does most of the cooking, so it's not a habit for me yet) and I don't think my journey with whole30 will end at 30 days anyway. So I will continue to take what I've learned and may go past 30 days as it is. But I don't feel like I "Failed" or made a bad choice and for my own sanity, decided I don't need to hit the start over button. Now, if I was sneaking a bite of my kid's food because I really wanted it (which I seriously was tempted to do while making them mac & cheese for lunch), then I would treat that differently. I wasn't giving into anything and slipping up and falling into a noodle. It was just habit and not intentional.