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  1. I also would like to know if Whole30 helps! Please don't forget to keep us updated!
  2. Well, I would definitely say that the reason your pants are tight is because you are pregnant with your second. I was able to hide my first pregnancy and was in regular jeans all the way up until I was 18 weeks with my first. With my second I had to unbutton my pants and use the belly band or do the "rubber band trick" from the second I found out. I also think that it's normal to hold onto a bit of water during the first trimester as well. I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Oh you poor poor thing. I had PUPPP the last 2 weeks during my first pregnancy. It was utterly miserable. It started on my stomach but basically spread all over my body. I didn't have the really red plaques like you can see in some cases but my skin constantly crawled. During my first pregnancy I ate the SAD so I really can't speak from experience whether the Whole30 would help you. I am currently pregnant with my second and have been eating paleo/whole30 almost the entire time. PUPPP usually presents in the third trimester so I haven't had any signs of it yet (I'm 22 weeks) However, I would be willing to bet it WOULD help. If it can help with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis I bet it would help with PUPPP too. If you have never done one maybe this is your excuse to get motivated and start. You may also want to look into the Paleo AIP as well. It's a bit more restrictive than the whole30 but can help you maybe pinpoint your triggers better since you also cut out eggs, nuts, and nightshades. In the mean time just keep your skin moisturized really well. Try Sarna lotion. That seemed to really help me. And oatmeal baths.
  4. lbosmer

    Canned tuna

    I know the Star Kist selects has the "solid light" that is compliant. It comes packed in olive oil or water and the ingredients are tuna, salt, and water or olive oil. I have found it in normal grocery stores.
  5. @marmelg and regarding the food template: In the morning there is no way I can follow the food template. Just not gonna happen. Heck there are even entire days where i can't follow it because my food aversions are so strong. I AM getting protein and veggies but they may not be at one sitting. Maybe some meat here, veggies there. The thought of meats grosses me out (mainly in the morning) so I really am just eating what I think sounds good to me while still staying compliant. I tend to have a small snack, lately its been an apple and cashew butter, then later that morning when meat sounds more appetizing I eat it then. I agree that eggs can get so so old. I know that I may get in trouble for saying this but if a breakfast "pudding" sounds good and you will have no problems keeping it down then go for it. As far as eggs go, have you tries making little mini egg "muffins" with veggies. I like to make a batch of these early in the week so i have them to grab when protein sounds appetizing. It also helps that they are pre cooked.
  6. The papaya pills would work too, they have the enzyme Papain that aids in digestion. I agree with the Kombucha comment above also. Whenever I have an stomach ache or indigestion Kombucha always helps
  7. I TOTALLY will vouch for the apple cider vinegar! The way I understand it goes like this. When you are pregnant your body naturally begins to produce less stomach acid (Or in my case I have always had low stomach acid) When you eat food, the stomach acid breaks down all the food in a timely manner and it passes onto your small intestine for absorption. When your stomach acid is low the food you eat is not digested as quickly. It actually sits in your stomach and starts to rot, producing gas (belching), indigestion, and regurgitation (reflux). Apple Cider vinegar is very acidic. So when you drink it you are increasing the acidity of your stomach contents which in turn will help you digest your food more efficiently. I use Bragg's Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar and you can get it at most grocery stores. Its a bit hard to go down so I take 2 tbs plain then immediately drink a glass of water. I try to do that at least 2-3 times a day. Also digestive enzymes have helped me tremendously. This is the brand I use I am not 100% sure about compliance on W30 but when it gets really bad or I know it will get bad that's what I take. However the ingredients appear to be fine. I will also say this, the Whole 30 just in itself should help a lot with the heartburn also. When I was pregnant with my first I ate the SAD and had EPIC heartburn and it even continued it after i delivered. I took 75mg of Zantac twice a day every day for almost my entire pregnancy. Since going 100% Paleo and doing 2 whole30s my heartburn has completely disappeared and I am 19 weeks this time and have not had any either. Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. @conniedraws Here are my plans: We are traveling this weekend so I am not going to actually start until the 6th. Hopefully my initial start date breakfast mishap was a fluke because I have felt fine since then. I am going to try as hard as possible to adhere to the true Whole30 guidelines. The nausea for me has subsided but not completely. Sometimes I still get turned off by meat and eggs and greens. So if one day I cannot eat any meat I will have to get some protein from somewhere else and my main go to has been plain greek yogurt (I like the 2% Fage Total) or organic peanut butter. On those days, if they happen, I just have to take what I can get so to speak. I'm not going to be bummed out if I have to do a slightly modified version adding in some dairy if need be. My main goal is to cut out sugar in all forms. I have become a little too dependent on my honey and maple syrup lately . For almost this entire pregnancy I have been paleo with some dairy and rice here and there and of course with the exception of the first trimester "any food I look at makes me wanna puke" woes. I will not under any circumstances consume anything with gluten in it. I'm not a celiac (I've never been tested so I might actually be) but when I do eat gluten I have problems (if you know what I mean) for days afterwards. So, those are my plans. I am glad this thread has been started so we can keep up with each others progress. The way I look at it, even if you are not doing a super strict W30 you are still eating extremely healthy...healthier than most pregnant women and that, I think, is the most important thing. Good luck to all of you! I will post an update after I start!
  9. I am starting a Whole30 at 18 weeks pregnant. I actually started this morning but am already off to a bad start. I had eggs and sweet potatoes and it came right back up (sorry) I am in desperate need of ideas of breakfast without eggs as the protein since that has been a huge food aversion for me. I am completely stumped since that is my main staple. Sausage, bacon...ideas on compliant brands would be nice. I am sure there is a thread about it somewhere if someone could point me in the right direction. My breakfasts up until now have mainly beed greek yogurt with honey (obviously not W30) and some fruit.
  10. Well, I decided to start today and I am already off to a bad start. I had eggs and sweet potatoes for breakfast and it came right back up. This may be harder than I thought
  11. I am 18 weeks and will also be starting a whole30 in January. I'm a little nervous because I have become very dependent on dairy and natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup) to keep my calories where they need to be. If I start loosing weight I will have to stop I guess but I'm gonna give it a try.
  12. lbosmer

    When will I be back?

    Hi Catherine, I was/still sort of am in the same boat as you. I am 15 weeks about to be 16 and I promise it does get better. Just give yourself some time. I to was paleo and had done 2 whole30s for more than a year and was pretty strict most of the time. When I got pregnant around week 5 I started having food aversions (Or really more like food loathing) to ALL of the foods that I had grown to love. Eggs, no way. Red meat, nope. Fermented veggies, gross. It was really hard for me to wrap my head around it. I even tried forcing myself to eat these things and that was an epic disaster. All I wanted were crackers, bagels, pb&j sandwiches. I have to say that in those early days I just ate what I felt I could keep down. Try not to stress too much about it. It will be okay...I promise. Here at week 15 almost 16 I must say that I still have food aversions to most foods but it is not as severe as in those early days. Now I can eat eggs...maybe not in the morning but in the afternoon and sneak in good meats and veggies then too. I have found dairy to be my friend throughout this. Plain greek yogurt, with some fruit and nuts and honey is what I ate for breakfast for weeks straight. I also found RxBars to be really helpful. Smoothies were great also...if you have a good source for eggs that you trust throw an egg in there. I know having no energy is also not helpful either. I cannot even bring myself to cook sometimes because I am either too tired or the thought of handling raw meat makes me sick. If you have a spouse or significant other, have them cook for you...if they are able to (I found that if a plate of food was placed in front of me I was more likely to eat it than if I had cooked it.) So, with all that said, chin up sista. It will be okay if you eat cheerios for a few weeks if thats all you can eat right now. Just try as much as you can to make healthy choices. I also believe that your health BEFORE pregnancy matters a lot and can help sustain a healthy baby in the first trimester. Here is an article Melissa wrote when she was pregnant...see, it happens to the best of us!
  13. I am in my first trimester and am suffering from the normal pregnancy stuff...sour stomach and just about any food repulses me. The only thing I have been able to eat the past few days has been really bland stuff...sweet potatoes, bananas, broth. The thought of vegetables and meat and eggs right now sounds absolutely horrid. All I seem to really want are saltine crackers, toast, all the stuff I hate to eat...when I'm not pregnant. I would love to hear from any of you who had morning sickness (or all day sickness) what you ate, if you stayed primal,and if you didn't how did you feel. Just looking for some ideas to get me through this spell. Ugh
  14. This is so true ^^^ The last time I looked I was the only one eating this way in a 50 mile radius...besides my husband. We live in rural Alabama where bad food is around every corner. Social gatherings, parties, friends houses...HECK my parents house. If my mom makes a big pot of gumbo, or fried chicken and I am over there I am sure going to have some. I don't want to invalidate her with my Whole30, eat primal diatribe. (I've tried to convince them...many just will never happen) I think the thing that is MOST frustrating to me is this...Before eating paleo, primal, Whole30...whatever you want to call it, I NEVER reacted this way to food. I was not one of the ones who did the Whole30 because of an autoimmune problem. Let's face it...I wanted to lose weight after I had my son, and it worked great for that! But now, if I eat anything "strange" it takes days, DAYS for me to get back to normal. (which is why I am in a constant cycle of Whole(some#) I feel like I have ruined my self (if you can ruin yourself in a good way) Traveling is hard...not gonna lie. We went to Napa earlier this year and I indulged (hello Bouchon!) but geez I was in pain the whole time...which sucked. I want to do the 80% 20% but the 20% that I do eat makes me feel so bad it's almost not worth it. THAT is what is the worst part of the Whole30 is to me...finding out that I may never be able to enjoy those things again (unless I want serious stomach issues) Don't get me wrong...I love eating this way...flat out love it! I love the way I feel, my workouts are better, my sleep is better, my life feels even...if that makes sense. But I am afraid if you have pain, bloating, stomach issues while you are enjoying your 20% you may be like me. It would probably be helpful to actually do a reintroduction phase at your next whole 30. It helped me figure out that I cannot have gluten, corn, or legumes under any circumstances. But I am totally okay with dairy, white rice, white potatoes and moderate amounts of alcohol (except for beer). That is not limiting yourself as much as you would be if you were on the Whole 30 all the time, and I have eaten out many times following these rules and have always been able to find something. You may have to get creative...
  15. I was/am in the same boat as you. My husband and I love to eat out and travel. I felt a little depressed about it as well because I love wine, cocktails, pizza, hamburgers, etc. etc. I feel great when I eat clean. No matter how much I say I won't eat (insert bad food) because it hurts my stomach I find myself always making deals with myself. If I know we are going to go out to eat at a nice place and I want to splurge, I make a quick set of rules for myself. "Okay tonight you can have wine, but stay away from wheat and grains" When I get there I feel like I have more control but I am not SO limited I can still enjoy everything. Then sometimes you just completely screw it up and eat what ever you want (and suffer the consequences after). Whenever I do that I just make sure it's only every once in a while and I usually do a Whole7 or something after that to get things straightened back out. My friends make fun of me because I am in a constant cycle of Whole (some number) (I have committed 2 times this year to a Whole30 though) I have found though after eating this way for almost a entire year that now when we go out to eat I automatically find the best grain free option on the menu (without even thinking about it) Because I know how bad I feel if I don't.