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  1. Living Alone - Any Tips?

    ok, that helps me out tremendously. I am geared up for day 2. Thanks again
  2. Living Alone - Any Tips?

    thank you so much. I will just keep halving the recipes. I ate it all but, I felt stuffed for a little bit. Would I do that with meat as well. Say, The tenderloin on page 252? Would half of that equal a serving or would be a smaller serving of meat if I made it a meal?
  3. Living Alone - Any Tips?

    For instance, I made the kitchen sink scrambled eggs on page 202. It says it serves 2. I just split that in half and will have the other half tomorrow. I can fit 3 eggs in my hand, so I am assuming that is a serving size for me. It just seemed like an awful lot of food.
  4. Starting on Labor Day

    I am so sorry. I couldn't find where I posted the question in the other thread. Thanks for answering it for me.
  5. Starting on Labor Day

    Hi everyone! I started today as well. Everything went great except, I am following the recipes in the book and since I am the only one doing it, I will cut the portions in half and eat the same meals for two days. Less cooking for me! I find the serving sizes are ginormous!!!!!!! Does anyone else feel the same or am I doing something wrong.
  6. Living Alone - Any Tips?

    Hi everyone, I started the program today. So far, so good. I also am single. I am following the recipes in the book. They are mostly 2 servings. I am going to eat the same thing two days in a row. That way I only have to cook every other day. My question is this. The recipe says 2 servings and I am splitting that in half. Does anyone else think that this is an awful lot of food per serving? Or is it because I am used to eating smaller meals throughout the day? I don't want to mess this up, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks