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  1. Coffee sweetner

    So I just finished my first whole30 on Tuesday and have been using the nutpods to add some depth to my coffee. While I am still trying to stick to some of the whole30 guidelines, I am also trying to also integrate some paleo dishes. Can someone recommend anything I could use to sweeten my coffee just a tad? Prior to doing my whole 30 I was indulging in starbucks caramel macchiatos on a daily basis. I don't want to go down that road again but would like to have coffee with some sort of sweetness.
  2. Magnesium Carbonate

    I just completed day 8! I realized I haven't been taking my magnesium carbonate as diligently so I had some. However, with "brain fog" in full effect I didn't read the label until after. The ingredients said there is stevia. I just looked on the website and it says .015 g per teaspoon and the in parathesis "no sugar". Is this ok?
  3. Apple Cider

    Thank you, very helpful!!!
  4. Apple Cider

    Here is my other concern. I have agreed to do the cooking for three other people who are convinced to do the whole 30 diet. I am finding (as are they) that the food is really delicious. I'm using all of the recipes from the whole 30 cookbook. The only thing that I am doing that's different is modifying the portion size to accommodate more people thus doubling the ingredients (in most cases). Have you found yourself enjoying this food? My husband asked me how this food is supposed to be healthy bc it tastes so good. I know this seems like an odd question.
  5. Apple Cider

    I'm going to be making the sausage recipe in the whole 30 cookbook. I'm going to be cooking it down.
  6. Apple Cider

    I cannot seem to find a compliant apple cider as the ingredients contain apple juice and potassium sorbate. Any suggestions or substitutes?
  7. I am starting the Whole 30 diet on Monday and I started grocery shopping. I understand that almond Flour and coconut flour are whole 30 approved but after reading the labels it appears that both have 1-2 grams of sugar. However the only ingredients are the almonds and the coconut. Is this ok? Or, is there a coconut Flour and almond Flour that's recommended?
  8. Whole 30 Cookbook

    Thank you so much! I'm assuming I can also incorporate the starch into the eggs as well, even if I incorporate a fruit as well?
  9. Whole 30 Cookbook

    Help! I'm starting my first whole30 next Monday (9/11/17) and I'm in the process of planning my meals. Do the recipes in the cookbook, specifically the egg options incorporate the carbohydrate? Clearly I'm used to breads and pasta to fill that area and that is NOT allowed on this diet. Forgive me for asking a silly question but I appreciate the guidance!