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  1. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Thanks @SusanS ! It's been a bit rough like so many others are sharing. We have one of those offices with free snacks and candy and monthly birthday celebration. And my two kids add a challenge since they won't eat what we're eating (I know, this is a separate battle, and let's not even talk about the McDonald's drive-thru I did for them last night, but I swear I didn't even taste one fry!). I don't know if I'm more tired from the lack of sugar or the extra work making meals which I'm not used to doing. Need to plan and prep ahead this weekend for next week. But still sticking to it and still excited, jope everyone else is, too! Ps @BadWolf47 I can't believe you gave up coffee, too. Impressive!
  2. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Day 2 and I'm already repeating meals! Taco meat last night was used with eggs this morning and will be on spinach for my lunch Feeling tired, but I guess that's normal. And. AND! Someone brought in a gorgeous chocolate cake at work today. Ugh! But, I'm not even that tempted. I swear Hope everyone is doing alright so far!
  3. Start date Tuesday September 5th

    I started today, too:) This is my first time. Tired of feeling tired and bloated and not fitting into any of my clothes! Feels like so many people are repeats and therefore old pros at this. I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but hopeful, too. Thankful to have this forum as a resource.