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  1. So many dishes to wash

    Also, I only own a few pots and pans and limited tupperwares so I have to wash up if I want a clean pan for breakfast or to pack tomorrow's lunch. I did a lot of cooking on Monday for the week ahead. Hopefully that will give me 1 night off. I think I will lose weight from all the extra standing up from cooking and dish washing!
  2. So many dishes to wash

    Is anyone else being brought low by the sheer amount of dish washing this program involves? We would usually run our dishwasher every 2-3 days. Now it is on every night. There is always some chopping board, pan, saucepan, baking tray that needs to get washed after every meal. It gets depressing after a while. Also grocery shopping takes forever as you must read every label. I am starting to appreciate what a luxury it is to go out to eat and let someone else deal with the grocery shopping and dishes.