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  1. Azgirl

    Started today! Whole 60

    I'm on day 6 and doing ok. This is my first time on this. My doctor wants me to do a whole60. Feels it would be beneficial to my health problems. So far so good. I think I miss my afternoon latte the most. Good job on your first day back.
  2. Jewels_V you can do this. I'm a newbie to this but I'm trying to stay motivated. I've had a few moments myself. I'm on day 4 and it feels like day 44. My doctor highly recommended this for my health. Also my doctor wants me to do this for 60 days. I'm hoping I can make it. I've had a bad couple of years so have been eating bad to cope. Not good. I like reading the forums because we can help each other. We can do this! Hang in there.
  3. Azgirl

    I made it through day 1

    I'm new to this but I made it though Day 1. I have about a weeks worth of meals planned out. I miss my afternoon latte and had a raging headache all afternoon but hopefully I will start feeling better soon. Doing this for health reasons and my doctor thought I would benefit from this diet. However she wants me to do this for 60 days which seems really long. Any advice for a newbie is appreciated!
  4. Azgirl

    Whole 30 Newbie

    I'm new to this too! Just started today for health reasons and advice from my doctor. Day 1 went smoothly except for the raging headache. Trying not to think about sugar or all the foods you can't eat. Good luck!
  5. I started today! Made it through barely! I'm doing this for health reasons so I think that will keep me motivated. When you read the labels you quickly find out you can't eat anything or that is how it seems. Had a terrible headache all day. I miss my afternoon latte. The worst part is my doctor wants me to do this for 60 days. It makes me accountable to someone. Day 1 complete and I have tomorrow's food planned out.